Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBXS-Press-Brake

The Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC hydraulic press brakes are fitted with the new ESA S 560 Touch Multi axis controller which is a very user friendly and intuitive programming unit. While data input into the S 560 Touch is very rapid, there is also the option of preparing the production off line on a PC with the software provided, enabling feasibility checks prior to production. Multi bend operations with complex forms can therefore be effectivel managed reducing operator error and over bending . All axes are fully synchronised and accurate 0.01mm utilising proportional valve technology. Monoblock welded steel frame ensures minimum deflection under maximum load. The PBXS CNC range spans from 1250mm x 40T machines up to 8100mm x100T models. A comprehensive range of options including anti deflection tables available to fully ‘tailor’ machines to customer requirements.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBXS-Press-Brake
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBXS-Press-BrakeMain view Morgan-Rushworth-PBXS-Press-Brake
Baykal APHS CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake Rear ViewBaykal APHS CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake Rear View
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 3
Standard Rear Backgauge Finger
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 3
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 4
PBXS X+R Axis Backgauge Fingers (Optional)
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 4
Baykal APHS CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake DetailBaykal APHS CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake Detail
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 6
PBXS Quick Release Top Clamps
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 6
Optional Hydraulic Tool ClampingOptional Hydraulic Tool Clamping
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 8
Sheet Support Arms
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 8
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 9
Sheet Follower Arms (Optional)
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 9
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 10
Manual Crowning (Optional)
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 10
Optional CNC Crowning
CNC Crowning (Optional)
Optional CNC Crowning
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 12
Laser Light Guard Protection
Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake image 12
Inside side view of press brake beam and toolingInside side view of press brake beam and tooling
 TonneA mmB mmmm/secmm/secmm/secmm/secmm/secmm/secmm/sec  LitrekwC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmE1 mmE2 mmL mmW mmH mmkg
PBXS CNC 1250/40M5200401250107016010130100035016024022804215455410800603000267022503300
PBXS CNC 2100/60M52016021001600150101301000350160240221405.5210475410880603850278025425400
PBXS CNC 2600/60M52026026002050160101301000350160240221405.5210475410880604350278025426200
PBXS CNC 2600/90M52039026002050150101301000350160240221407.5260540410880604350278026057100
PBXS CNC 3100/90M52049031002550160101301000350160240221407.5260530410880604850279026057900
PBXS CNC 3100/120M5205120310025501601013010003501602402214011260540410880604850279029058400
PBXS CNC 3100/160M5206160310025501601013010003501602402221015260540410880604850280029059700
PBXS CNC 3100/200M5207200310025501501013010003501602402221018.52605304108809048502800290510000
PBXS CNC 3100/240M52082403100255013010120100035016024022210222605304108809048502810290511000
PBXS CNC 3100/300M52093003100255011081001000350160240222802232066050090538048503015315015000
PBXS CNC 3100/440M525644031002550808701000350160240224503032057550010054504850326034002200
PBXS CNC 3700/120M5210120370032501701013010003501602402221011260530410870605450283029059400
PBXS CNC 3700/160M52111603700325017010130100035016024022210152605304108806054502800290510700
PBXS CNC 3700/200M5212200370032501501013010003501602402221018.52605304108809054502800290511200
PBXS CNC 3700/240M52132403700325014010120100035016024022210222605304108809054502810290513500
PBXS CNC 3700/300M52143003700325012081101000350160240222802232063550098028054503020320017000
PBXS CNC 4100/160M52151604100355017010100100035016024042210152605304108806058502800290512000
PBXS CNC 4100/200M5216200410035501601011010003501602404221018.52605304108809058502800290512500
PBXS CNC 4100/240M52172404100355015010100100035016024042210222605304108809058502810290514000
PBXS CNC 4100/300M5218300410035501208901000350160240422802232063550098028058503020320018500
PBXS CNC 4100/440M521944041003550808701000350160240424503032059050095538058503435335026000
PBXS CNC 6100/160M522016061005100140101001000350160240442401526051050010009078503160285020000
PBXS CNC 6100/240M522124061005100140101001000350160240443002226050050011009078503160300025000
PBXS CNC 6100/300M52223006100510012087010003501602404430022320560500111520078503260328030000
PBXS CNC 6100/380M5223380610051009087010003501602404445030320570500110024078503410325535000
PBXS CNC 6100/440M5224440610051009087010003501602404445030320570500110028078503450370039000
PBXS CNC 6100/500M522550061005100808701000350160240444503734053050081538025080078503550350048000
PBXS CNC 6100/600M52266006100510080770100035016024044500373606205001050380370115078503600410055000
PBXS CNC 6100/800M52558006100510070660100035016024044700455007507501050500600120078504000475070000
PBXS CNC 6100/1000M52571000610051007066010003501602404486055500750750800500700150078504100490080000
PBXS CNC 8100/1000M52581000810060507056010003501602404486055500750750800500700190098504200500095000

Morgan Rushworth Press Brake PBXS Diagram


  • ESA S 560 2D Touch Controller
  • Full synchronisation of Y1 + Y2 axes with proportional hydraulic valve system and constant monitoring by CNC system to +/- 0.01mm accuracy
  • High precision linear scales for measurement of stroke depth mounted on side frames rather than top beam to prevent any distortion in accuracy as beam comes under load
  • CNC-controlled X axis ballscrew backgauge with servo drive motors
  • 2 micrometric backgauge finger-stops with lateral adjustment
  • Steel mono-block construction
  • Polished chrome plated and ground cylinders
  • Long  stroke and large open height dimensions
  • High approach and return speeds for production bending
  • Euro style quick release top tool holders with intermediaries including wedges for crowning
  • 88 degree sectionalised goose neck top tool
  • 4 way sectionalised multi vee bottom tool
  • 2 sliding front support arms with linear guide rails for lateral adjustment and hand wheel for height adjustment, 1000mm long from centre of bottom tool vee
  • Double footswitch control and pendant type control arm
  • AKAS laser tooling guards
  • Electrically interlocked side guards
  • Electrically interlocked read access door


  • Cybelec ModEva 12S 3D graphical CNC control
  • Cybelec ModEva 15S 3D graphical CNC control
  • Cybelec ModEva 15S 3D graphical touchscreen CNC control
  • Delem DA66W 2D graphical CNC control
  • Delem DA66T 2D graphical touchscreen CNC control
  • Delem DA69W 3D graphical CNC control
  • Delem DA69T 3D graphical touchscreen CNC control
  • X1 + X2, R or R1 + R2, Z or Z1 + Z2 axes
  • Additional Back Gauge Finger X Axis Backgauge
  • Additional Back Gauge Finger X, R Axis Backgauge
  • Hydraulic Release Top and Bottom Tooling Clamping System
  • Mechanical anti deflection table
  • CNC motorized anti deflection table
  • Brush table for front support arms
  • Additional sliding front support arms
  • Sheet follower support arms controlled by the CNC
  • Parking area for sheet follower support arms – one per side
  • Laser Angle Measuring System
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