Pembrokeshire College adds to their collection

Pembrokeshire College adds to their collection

Pembrokeshire College is a provider of a wide range of Post-16 study options in South-West Wales, including an impressive set-up for Engineering based courses with their new Welding and Fabrication Centre of Excellence.

We spoke to William Bateman, the Curriculum Area Manager about the various pieces of machinery and service they’ve been supplied by us over the years, including their brand new Guillotine. “I would wholeheartedly recommend Selmach and their machinery to anyone else.”

The College has a large collection of equipment from Selmach from over the years, including Sterling & Bianco Bandsaws, Morgan Rushworth Sheet Rolls, Meyer Pillar Drills, a Steelworker, and a Morgan Rushworth Press Brake, with a Morgan Rushworth Guillotine being their most recent addition.

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

Selmach has been a generational company that we’ve chosen throughout the years of technicians, tutors and lecturers working with the machinery, so it’s hard to put a definite year on when we started using Selmach as it’s been so long.

Why were you looking for new machinery?

The reason we picked the new Guillotine from Selmach was because of the efficiency savings we’d have, as well as the efficiency saving when it comes to cutting the material.

What machinery have you purchased from Selmach Machinery to solve that?

In the past we’ve purchased a Morgan Rushworth Press Brake, we have several bandsaws, a metalworker and a sheet roller. There is also several Pillar Drills too.

How has the machinery helped the College?

For our learners using the machinery, it’s an increase in production, and it’s given them access to industry standard machinery that they can use and also made savings long term in the materials we use, we have tight budgets and it’s less waste.

How was the experience with Selmach while you were being quoted / advised and delivered?

All dealings with Selmach have been excellent, we really have confidence they can quote us the best prices, and deliver and also troubleshoot with us as well. So we picked the correct machinery for the job we intended it for.

What about aftercare and service?

The aftercare services with Selmach has been excellent. We have full confidence that our technicians can talk to advisers from Selmach, so we’re really happy with that.

Any future machinery considerations?

Yes we are considering Pillar Drills and Bandsaws for our machine shops, and possibly looking into lathes as well.

Would you recommend Selmach and our machinery?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Selmach and their machinery to anyone else.

If you’d like to find out more about the machinery supplied to Pembrokeshire College, click the links below.

Morgan Rushworth PB NC 1250/40 Press Brake

Morgan Rushworth HSGS 2550/6 Guillotine

Sterling 355 Swift Bandsaw

Bianco 420 MS Bandsaw

Meyer SR25 Pillar Drills

Published 26th April 2023