Meyer Pillar Drills

The Meyer range of belt-driven or geared-head pillar drills covers every essential requirement for our customers who need drill presses, but aren't looking for a bench drill. Drilling and tapping capacities to suit any requirement. From tough reliability to peerless precision engineering, the range is superbly engineered to deliver.

All five of the Meyer pillar drills can be demonstrated at any of our three branches and as part of our first class after-sales service, our trained engineers are on hand to provide technical advice and can rapidly respond to any issues that may arise. For more technical applications and training on the machine controls and handling is available from our trained engineers.



Drilling Capacity - 32mm

Tapping Capacity - M20


(Geared Head)

Drilling Capacity - 25mm

Tapping Capacity - M18


(Geared Head)

Drilling Capacity - 32mm

Tapping Capacity - M22


(Geared Head)

Drilling Capacity - 32mm

Tapping Capacity - M22


(Geared Head)

Drilling Capacity - 50mm

Tapping Capacity - M30

Meyer Pillar Drills - Heavy duty and built to last

The Meyer range of powerful geared head drills are an exceptionally heavy duty construction, that has firmly established a reputation for long life and reliability in the drill press market.

Through the years the Meyer pillar drills range has become renowned for the quality and robustness of their design and build.

The drills are manufactured with high quality components and assembled with the highest standards of accuracy resulting, in machines sold worldwide and bought with confidence for workshop use.

A mainstay of virtually every fabrication shop in the country, pillar drills allows for quick and efficient hole drilling and tapping. With morse taper drill bits, you can quickly hot swap drill bits for different requirements.

With such a wide applications for metal working, full size pillar drills have many advantages over smaller drill presses and bench drills.

The range comes in four different specifications.

Geared Head

The powerful geared heads are extremely heavy duty, suitable for frequent and sustained use. With variable stepped speeds, these drills are capable of a wide range of use cases, suitable for assorted materials and varying thicknesses. Featuring forward and reverse gears, for complete usability.

The SR50VAE has a fully variable speed, allowing for even finer control for precision drilling.

Heavy Duty Geared Motor
Protective Guarding

Protective Guarding

Protective guarding ensures that the operator can use the drill safely, with full confidence.

The guarding can then be rotated out of the way when the drill is not in use for increased access.

Large Work Tables and Throat Capacities

Meyer Pillar Drills feature large work tables, to allow better support of your material while drilling, with the smallest in the range, the SR25 featuring a 350 x 400mm table, all the way up to the SR50VAE which features a 580 x 460mm table.

The range also features large throats, from 240mm on the smallest model, up to 360mm on the largest model, far larger than your typical bench drill, ideal for workshop use.

Large Adjustable Work Table
Adjustable Low Voltage Lamp

Auto Tool Release & Low Voltage Lamp

The Meyer range features an auto tool release, allowing fast and efficient tool changes if you need to regularly swap between different size drill bits, or tapping bits on the SR32AE and SR50VAE.

Across the range is an adjustable, low voltage lamp allowing you to illuminate the work table in even the darkest of workshops!

Rise and Fall Table and Head

For the ultimate in flexibility, the Meyer Pillar Drills features a rise and fall table and head, allowing you to completely adjust and alter your work area to suit your requirements. Operating by a hand crank to raise the working height to suit other work surfaces, roller track or any other scenario.

The SR50VAE features hydraulic rise and fall table and head too, for increased operator efficiency.

This gives a great advantage over a typical bench drill which is fixed at the height of the work surface, plus the base, and usually a work table above that too.

Rise and Fall Table
Auto Feed (SR32AE & SR50VAE)

Coolant, Auto Feed & Tapping Facility

With the exception of the SR25 the range comes with a built in flood-coolant system, to help improve drilling quality and reduce heat and friction.

The SR32AE and the SR50VAE also features auto feed and a tapping facility, for added functionality. With the built in depth limiter, holes can be set to drill and the machine left to complete the operation while the operator prepares the next piece, reducing fatigue and improving efficiency.

Digital Read Out

On the SR32AE and the SR50VAE there is a Digital Read Out (DRO) of the live RPM count, to ensure the operator can see the exact speed of the drill bit.

Digital Read Out
Tilt Angle Head (SR32AE)

Tilting Angle Head

An additional feature of theSR32AE is that the drill head can be tilted on an angle, to allow for angled drilling when required.

Drill Vice & Universal Cross Table

Optional add-ons for the Meyer Pillar Range includes a Drill Press Vice, and a Universal Cross Table.

The vice allows you to secure material in place for drilling, ideal for smaller pieces.

Our Universal Cross Table allows you to complete basic milling activities too.

If you're working with long pieces of material, why not add lengths of roller track too, to allow you to support the piece while drilling and for increased accuracy and efficiency, a measuring system can also be added to0.

Drill Press Vice (Optional)
Universal Cross Table (Optional)

See how the Drilling and Tapping features work on the SR32AE in one of our latest knowledgebase videos

The SR32AE and SR50VAE have the option of auto-tapping, as well as auto-drilling. This video from our Selmach Knowledge Base explains how the process is done, and shows the simplicity of it in action.