4 Useful aspects of Sheet Metal Vacuum Lifters

Righetti’s extensive range of vacuum lifters for sheet metal ensures we provide machinery that meets our clients’ needs. However, when customization is required, we offer a selection of accessories that allow our vacuum lifters to be tailored to specific requirements. Explore these four useful features that can enhance the functionality and versatility of your sheet metal vacuum lifter.

Telescopic and Tiltable Handlebar

For optimal control in any situation, especially when dealing with large sheet metal, consider upgrading to a telescopic and/or tiltable handlebar. This accessory provides the flexibility to manage the load from various distances, ensuring an optimal safety distance from the moving load. Additionally, it enhances the ergonomic design of the operator’s workstation, contributing to a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Suction Pads for Textured Surfaces

While the standard suction pads are designed to adhere smoothly to sheet metal, certain surfaces, such as embossed or almond-shaped sheets, require special attention. Opt for suction pads equipped with a unique gasket that adapts to surface unevenness. This customisation ensures a secure grip on textured surfaces, expanding the range of materials your vacuum lifter can handle with ease.

Radio Remote Control

When opting for a battery-powered vacuum lifter, choose the convenience of managing suction and release functions via a radio remote control. This feature allows operators to control the vacuum lifter from a distance, offering flexibility and efficiency. The radio remote control becomes particularly valuable when combined with the next accessory on our list.

Removable Frame for Forklift

The battery power supply makes our vacuum lifters mobile and independent of external power sources. To further enhance the lifting equipment’s reach, we’ve developed a removable forklift frame. This innovative accessory allows the battery-operated vacuum lifter to be used on any equipment equipped with forks. This flexibility expands the range of applications, making your vacuum lifter adaptable to various lifting scenarios.

In conclusion, Righetti’s sheet metal vacuum lifters can be customised to meet specific requirements, thanks to these versatile features. Whether it’s improving control with a telescopic handlebar, adapting to textured surfaces, implementing remote control, or extending mobility with a forklift frame, these accessories enhance the functionality of our vacuum lifters, making them a reliable choice for your sheet metal handling needs.

Published 21st December 2023