With an ever-growing emphasis on filtration and extraction systems, we offer wide range on-torch, environment and machine linked filtration and extraction systems.

From the Translas on-torch systems that extract welding fumes directly at the point of welding, to large extraction units to be attached to Plasma and Laser cutting machinery.

The protibial Extraction unit has a as Standard F9 class filter elements (95% dust separation for 0,3-1 micron particles) or Optional H13 HEPA Filter (99,95% dust separation for 0,1-0,2 micron particles). The Extraction arm joint hose material is special alloy polyurethane which is Flame Retardant (certified acc to DIN4102-B1 standard) and High Wear Resistant  this Increased fire safety with Special inlet diffuser and vertically placed metal mesh prefilter. The ECO-series special design ensures the most user-friendly, fast and easy maintenance in its class. With its wheels, mobile units can be positioned anywhere on plant floor. With small foot print, they only need a small area on the floor.  Low Sound Level ≤ 69dB(A) with statically and dynamically balanced (Balance Grade G2.5) fan and silencer. Easy access and service to every component with access doors. As standard, aluminium fans with low weight and inertia ensure high electrical motor lifespan.

The KTM Workstation  is Ideal working condition for operator with both down and back draft air suction. It is Fully adjustable Air suction balance between down and back draft by 0-100%. The aluminium mesh prefilter ensure minimum fire risk against sparks and hot particles. Special design backdraft inlet traps big fast particles without bouncing and protects operator during grinding operations. With high efficiency, statically and dynamically balanced Lightweight aluminium fan rotors ensure long service time with minimum wear to electrical motor

The SM  Series filter units are designed for dedusting of dry dust, generated during various industrial operations. SM filter unit is delivered as a ready-to-operate dust collector with cartridge and optional cassette filter elements, fully integrated fan, automatic reverse jet pulse filter cleaning system and control panel. Comfortable use thanks to its Low Sound Level ≤70 dB(A) depending on model.

  • Automatic cleaning system
  • High volume dust bin with wheels.
  • Made of carbon steel with electrostatic powder painting for indoor applications.

KAB Filter units are specially designed for dedusting of welding fume, smoke and dust at manual or robotic welding stations. Thanks to its compact tower design, KAB saves space on production ground. Automatic start and stop synchronous with the operation. Fault signal sharing Aluminium fan rotors with low weight and inertia ensure longer electrical motor life-span. Easy access doors to every component on the filter unit. Unique high volume, easy-to-handle dust bin. User-friendly locking mechanism: Dust bins are unlocked, offloaded and replaced in matter of seconds

The PL-Series filter units are specifically designed for extraction and dedusting of dust, fume and smoke generated during plasma, laser and OXY cutting operations. Extreme Low sound level below ≤69 dB(A) with built-in silencer after fan.

Plasma and laser cutting applications requires special design and unique features which cannot be satisfied by regular dust collectors because

  • Cutting fumes are essentially very fine particles of ave. 0,15 microns which may cause immediate filter clogging at regular dust collectors.
  • Filter cleaning and regeneration are very difficult to achieve for sustainable operation and reasonable spare filter replacement and maintenance intervals.
  • There is a very high risk of fire, due to smoldering hot particles that are generated during thermal cutting operation if proper precautions have not been held.