Welding Fume Extraction at Source

In today’s fast-evolving time, welding fume extractors become essential for welding professionals. Because the welding fume contains harmful particles and gases, these particles and gases are the by-products of welding. A mixture’s composition will vary depending on the welding method and the products that will be welded together. When welding, the gas and vapors released during the process can cause serious health problems. The exposure that lasts for a short period of time can cause nausea, dizziness, or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

As a result of prolonged exposure, one is exposed to ultra-fine metal dust that can cause cancer of the lung, permanent damage to the brain, and kidney failure. It’s no secret that certain gases, such as helium, carbon dioxide, and argon displace oxygen and argon specifically, posing a suffocation risk in enclosed work areas. For this reason, Translas, a Dutch welding gun manufacturer, developed welding fume extraction guns – 8XE MIG and 8XR Cobot fume Extractors – that extract the welding fumes directly at the source up to 98%.

8XE MIG Clear02 W150

(Single Gun System)

8XE MIG Clear02 W200

(Double Gun System)

8XE MIG Fume Extractor

In the welding industry, the 8XE MIG Fume Extractor has arguably the best fume extraction structure to reduce fumes during welding. This gun comes with three different angles, 30°, 45°, and straight, so you can choose what you prefer. In combination with the ClearO2 W-series 150 and 200 weld fume extractors, the 8XE MIG Fume Extractor captures as much as 98% of welding fumes directly at their source. Welders and workers who use the 8XE MIG Fume Extractor can breathe CLEAN AIR and have a better work environment since it is the safest and most effective solution on the market.



The new nozzle holder provides a robust connection between swan neck and metal neck. It is designed to take the biggest blows in any industrial environment.


The 8XE ball joint has a 30° vertical angular movement combined with a 360° swivel and a full stop. Providing excellent manoeuvrability and leaving cables and hoses untwisted and thereby leakage and breakage free. This combination is new to the market. It offers excellent manoeuvrability, maximising comfort and minimizing fatigue.


The nozzle design is unique to provide the best results. Openings, wall thickness, and grip ribs are thoroughly developed for optimal operation and best performance.

8XC Cobot Fume Extractor

It is designed to be one of the most efficient fume extraction systems available in the welding industry – the 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extractor. This torch is available in four different angles: 22°, 35°, 45°, and straight. When the 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extractor is used with the ClearO2 W-series 100 and 200, it allows for up to 98% of welding fumes to be captured directly at the source of the fume. This Cobot 8XC MIG Fume Extractor is one of the safest and most effective welding fume systems available to ensure the safety of welding workers and for better working environments, as well as working with the UR10e, UR5e, & UR16e Universal Robots.


The ClearO2 portable extraction units offered by Translas were specially engineered to work with the 8XR Cobot, 8XE MIG, & 8TE TIG fume extractors to deliver the best results – up to 98% extraction of welding fumes directly at the source. The ClearO2 portable extraction units and solutions are ready to use systems, designed for maximum convenience for the welder during work.