Medfab modernise their cutting and folding process

Med Fab Ltd Casestudy Sterling BandsawMed Fab Ltd Casestudy Sterling Bandsaw
Med Fab Ltd Casestudy PressbrakeMed Fab Ltd Casestudy Pressbrake

MedFab Ltd., based in Rochester, is one of the largest structural and architectural metalworkers in Kent, offering a vast range of metalwork and large steel structures.

MedFab has worked on projects such as the Royal Woolwich Arsenal, the Elektron Towers in the London Docklands and the Hitachi rail depots in Ashford and Ramsgate for the high-speed rail network, and many more. And working on such prestigious projects, it has relied upon the highest quality metal working machinery.

MedFab has been a customer of Selmach for many years and have purchased many products from them – most recently a Press Brake and a Guillotine. We spoke to Kevin Harris of MedFab about their experience of purchasing machinery from Selmach.

“They are a great company to work with.”

What challenges and objectives led you to purchase a new machine?

“We wanted to upgrade to better, more efficient machines.”

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

“We’ve been dealing with Selmach for about 20 years and over those years have had numerous products from them. Only recently we had another saw and a beam punch.

If I need anything I’ll call Bruce or the sales team and get the advice I need – The advice is always good.”

What features attracted you to the machine your purchased?

“I wanted something that cut and folded metal – Selmach advised me on the best machine for the job, which was a Morgan Rushworth. I like the colour of them too.”

Did it meet your expectations?

“The Morgan Rushworth cuts perfectly and folds perfectly. I’m amazed at the quality, and very happy with it. I bought another saw from them last week too.”

How have you benefited from using the machine?

“Yes, they’ve definitely helped save time and increase productivity. And I feel it has helped enhance our competitive advantage because its efficiency, and the cuts and folds are such good quality.”

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

“Really good – we got a good deal and they offer good payment terms. In terms of the service, they are very good.”

“…they’ve definitely helped save time and increase productivity.”

Published 16th February 2018