How to set up your Press Brake Tool Alignment Correctly

Image of Pressbrake V Tooling on racking waiting to be installed.

To successfully set up your Press Brake machine correctly, and to safely manage the process, it is important to bear in mind that there are several different ways to align the toolings you use depending on your model of Press Brake, to help you identify which and to set it up safely; the three different ways you are likely to come across are below:

The Fast-Clamp system

Your model might be a fast clamp system, where the top tooling locks in place with a simple clamp while the bottom tool is also self-aligning, simply choose the Vee you require, seat it correctly and lightly tighten the allen key bolts and you are good to go…

The WILA way

Some other machines, particularly top-end models have a hydraulic top and bottom clamping system (WILA style); again this is a self-aligning system with a press button open and close facility. With these models a press of the hydraulic clamping button will loosen the tool and a straightforward button press will remove the tooling completely. When you have fitted your desired tooling, another press of the hydraulic clamping button locks everything in place securely, and once again; you are good to go…

The Multi-Vee

Multi-Vee machines require alignment as the process isn’t automated; the top tooling will most likely have the same fast clamping system as mentioned above, where the user simply fits the tooling and fast-clamps it in place manually. However for the bottom tooling, all the handles are released and a chain is wrapped around the end of the lower and upper parts of the machine and the machine is placed into slow-speed mode. At this stage select the Vee you require and ensure it is clean (more on that below). With that done bring the beam down (again in slow speed) using the adjusting mechanisms on the front and rear while visually looking down the centre of the machine itself. The aim is to align both front and rear; both ends then nip the middle when you are happy.

Keep it clean

Whatever your model of Press Brake, it is essential to keep your tooling clean, and by that we mean spotlessly clean, as when you apply load on to your machine, even the smallest particle of dirt or debris can dent or damage your workpiece. What to use? WD40 and a clean dry cloth so liberally apply WD40 to your tooling and wipe it clean, all the way around and it’s ready for fitting.

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Published 21st October 2016