The reasons why you can justify a CNC Press Brake

Hand operating the 3d Delem 69T Press Brake Controller

This video is aimed at companies that currently don’t use CNC sheet metal press brakes. You may be a company that has a NC press brake or may have a manual system with a manual back gauge. In this video, I’d like to prove to you that a CNC press brake could be the right thing for you.

So, you may be a company that does simple and uncomplicated folding and small batch work, and the word ‘CNC’ could sound off-putting. From years of selling pressbrakes and listening to customer feedback there are three reasons why some customers feel that they can’t justify a CNC press brake.

One, you believe these are expensive so therefore you can’t justify the cost. Two, you believe they are complicated, so you may not have the skill set to operate them. Three, you may not have the batch work to justify the cost.

In this situation, we would not recommend one of our complicated CNC software systems which is controlled by our 3D controller or is integrated with our interactive system on the front of the beam. We would recommend our entry level, simple to use system CNC press brake which we have demonstrated in the video.


How would You benefit from investing in a CNC Press Brake?

For example, if a customer came to your counter and wanted fold 10 parts like we have shown in the video. A part that is quite simple and not overly complicated with only two [9-3] vaults and two 45s with different lengths between bends.

To fold this on a NC or manual backgauge press brake, you would have to set machine to do the first fold, then manually go through the entire batch of 10 before changing the backgauge position to do your second fold. The operator would have to handle each piece again before they are able to change the backgauge position and your angle to do the next two folds.  In short, to complete this batch on a NC or manual press brake would mean you would need to pick up the 10 parts up to 40 times which is very time-consuming. With the CNC press brake, you pick the part up once, do all the folds, and put the part down finished.

Watch the video to see just how simply this can be achieved. Our simple entry level ESA 630 control, is very easy to use. It has a 2D drawing tool to help you draw parts that you need to fold.

This is how simple it is to fold on our entry level CNC press brake. You saw me put the data into the machine such as the plate thickness, width, and grade to efficiently folding on the machine itself. But most importantly of all, I’ve picked the part up once and put it down finished.

Published 21st August 2017