Alongside our Bandsaws, Circular Saws and other machinery, we supply a range of Cutting Fluids and Coolants to assist with cutting. Enabling more accurate cuts, and prolonging blade life of bandsaw and circular saw blades. Saving you time and money with reduced downtime and replacement blade costs.

Bandsaws & Circular Saws

We offer a wide range of Bandsaws and Circular Saws, but our cutting fluids are compatible with virtually any Bandsaw or Circular Saw.

GoldCut 310 Cutting Fluid

A modern biostable semi-synthetic metalworking fluid suitable for all general machining operations on ferrous materials and high carbon steels. Supercut Blue is widely used in sawing operations. Mix 1/8.

Available in 5L and 25L Containers.

GoldCut 314 Spraymist Oil

Oil used on spraymist coolant systems on saws etc. A highly treated neat cutting oil with low viscosity extreme pressure treatment assists good tool life and a cleaner working environment.

Available in 5L Containers.

GoldCut BC BioCide

This high performance Biocure is for use in any aqueous solutions and emulsions, such as waterbed Plasmas, and coolant sumps for saws and drills. Extremely potent, it just needs to be added at a concentration of 0.1% to keep bacteria at bay.

Available in 5L Containers.

GoldCut SC System Cleaner (Double Concentrate)

GoldCut™ SC is a professional system cleaner which can be used to flush out your current contaminated coolant sump mixture ready for new coolant.

Available in 5L Containers.