Deburring, Bevelling & Polishing

A key aspect to any fabrication is the final finish of the material. Our range of deburring, bevelling and polishing machines are integral to this, by removing burrs from cut material, it offers a more professional finish, and makes the material safer to handle for operators too. Bevelling gives a cleaner finish for final fabrication and welding. Our tube polishing machine will dramatically improve the quality of the finish of tubular steel, perfect for projects such as handrails and balustrades.

The Morgan Rushworth slat cleaner is also perfect for maximising the life of your profiling machine's slats. By quickly and efficiently removing the leftover slag from plasma or laser cutting, you can get a clean, level surface on your slats ready for more cutting, without having to replace the slats as regularly.

Curvassi PPM 114 Tube Polishing Machine

The Curvassi PPM 114 Tube Polishing machine is the perfect choice for finishing and polishing round, oval and elliptical tubes. The planetary system enables the tube to be polished without manually rotating the tube, delivering the best results on bent and curved tubes too. The auto feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high productive finishing quality.

With adjustable feeding speeds, this tube polisher can be used on tubes of various dimensions from 10 – 114 Ø mm. The machine’s compact form makes it ideal for even the smallest workshops too.

With lots of features

The Curvassi PPM 114 Tube Polishing Machine has a automatic feeding system, this allows for minimal operator interaction. The Curvassi also includes 2 sets of abrasive belts as standard. With manual pipe clamping adjustment and a holder for manual feeding. Also, has a fixing attachment for motor. There is an opening cover for changing of belts, cleaning and maintenance. It can polish bent pipes and tubes at up to 180° angel. There is no need to turn the material on the auto feeder system.

Kepp D250 Deburring Machine

The Kepp D250 Deburring Machine 415V is ideal for the deburring of round/square tube and solid materials. A powerful motor drives a wire brush wheel and rapidly removes internal and external burrs in a single operation. The machine is produced with a powerful motor for effective finishing of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The features

The Kepp has a wire brush for deburring, and a height adjustable material rest. A optional extra is a various gauge wire brush with wheels available.

Morgan Rushworth DFR 1350 Flat Bet Deburring Machine

The Morgan Rushworth DFR 1350 Flat Bed Deburring Machine is a robust and cost-effective solution for de-slagging and de-burring profile cut parts. The machine can process parts in the thickness range of 0 – 40mm and up to 1350mm wide. A conveyor with adjustable speed moves the parts through the machine while two pairs of oscillating wheels perform the deburring action. Different grit abrasives can be used in each set of wheels to achieve the desired finish. Heavy duty deburring wheels are also available for the removal of heavy slag.

With a wealth of features

The Morgan Rushworth DFR 1350 flat bed deburring machine comes with deburring and de-slagging of profile cut plates. Also, it comes with a touch screen PLC controller, and a motorised thickness adjustment and variable speed conveyor. It comes with two pairs of oscillating wheels. It has a variable speed of rotation and it has a full enclosure with electrically interlocked doors.