How to perform bump bending on a Morgan Rushworth Sheet Metal Press Brake

A piece of metal being curved via bump bending on a press brake

Bump bending also referred to as Fascet bending is a collection of folds that forms a radius to a piece of sheet metal. The press brake can be programmed to bump the material at close proximity by only a few degrees at a time. The closer the folds the less noticeable the flat sections are on the radius bend. Customers would use this feature to curve or radius material. It is particularly useful for customers who have a set of sheet bending rolls and can prebend the ends of the sheet on a press brake prior to rolling on the sheet bending rolls. Typically on a set of pyramid rolls (over against asymmetrical rolls) there is daylight between the top and bottom rolls which can leave flat spots on the beginning and end of the sheet. Therefore using a Morgan Rushworth CNC press brake with the bump bending feature can improve production and save time.

Published 19th September 2017