As well as supplying a range of Belt Grinders and Tube Notchers, we also supply a range of different width and grit belts to suit. Whether you're looking for a belt for mild steel, or more exotic materials such as Hardox or Heat Treated Steels.

Please discuss with us your requirements, and we can recommend the right tool for the job.

Belt Grinders & Tube Notchers

Our range of machinery all utilise 2000mm long belts (of varying widths), and these are the size belts that we hold in stock. For other options, please contact us to discuss.

The industry known Taipan Original Zirconium grinding belt for all general and coarse grinding operations. The Taipan Original has been an excellent, fierce, but cost effective, belt for all general workshop grinding needs, giving excellent stock removal and belt life.

The Taipan Platinum Ceramic grinding belt provides a long service life, with very high aggressive removal rates. The Ceramic, self-sharpening stone and other compounds helps keep the workpiece cool, resulting in greater removal and belt life. These high performance belts achieve new levels of grinding efficiency in all steels, especially stainless and hardened steels.