5 Key Criteria to Consider for Vacuum Lifting

At Selmach, we recognise the pivotal role sheet metal vacuum lifters play in the metalworking industry. Understanding that no single model can cater to all needs, our commitment lies in helping you identify the most suitable vacuum lifter for your specific tasks. In this article, we’ll explore the essential criteria for selecting the perfect sheet metal vacuum lifter for your needs.

Power Supply Options

Every company has a unique set-up, and therefore we offer flexibility in power supply options. Our range of Righetti sheet metal vacuum lifters, are available either as electrically powered, or using compressed air (pneumatic) – ensuring you can choose the power source that aligns seamlessly with your operational needs.

Versatile Suction Pads

Suction pads are a crucial component of any vacuum lifter. Righetti’s range of suction pads enable the lifting of both ferrous and nonferrous materials, with a special system of sprung suction pads to compensate for load unevenness. Standard features include suction cups made of vulcanized oil-resistant rubber, allowing for the suction and handling of oiled sheet metal. We also provide specific suction pads for surfaces like checkered, diamond, and tread sheets, adapting to surface irregularities. Additional options also allow for lifting of hot metals too.

Adjustable for Various Sheet Sizes

Understanding the diversity in sheet metal sizes, we address the concern of modularity. Selmach’s sheet metal vacuum lifters allow for the repositioning of arms along the central beam and suction pads along the arms. This unique feature ensures adaptability to different sheet sizes, making it a versatile solution for various lifting needs.

Maximum Modularity with Telescopic Suction Pads

In addition to our standard models, Righetti offers vacuum lifters with telescopic frames. These lifters provide the added benefit of repositioning suction pads, arms, and the ability to shorten or lengthen the central beam. Ideal for confined spaces, this feature ensures convenience during operations where maintaining the full length of the centre beam may be impractical.

Versatility through Arm Exclusion

To enhance the versatility of our vacuum lifters, we include a standard feature that allows you to exclude an entire arm from the vacuum circuit. By utilising a dedicated tap, you can shut off one or more arms, making it convenient for lifting smaller workpieces that don’t require the use of all suction pads. Additionally, individual shut-off for each suction pad is available, a valuable option when working with metal plates characterized by holes.

At Selmach, our commitment is to provide you with sheet metal vacuum lifters that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Explore our range of innovative solutions to elevate your metalworking processes.

Published 21st December 2023