How to Set the Laser Guards On The Morgan Rushworth Press Brake After You Have Changed Your Top Tooling FAQ

In this video, we will show you how to set the laser guards on the Morgan Rushworth press brake.

The top tooling on the press brake comes in different heights depending on the top fold that you would like to use i.e. 35 degrees, 90 degrees, 88 degrees each of these come in different lengths so that you can achieve the fold required.

To release this tooling and remove it will depend on the make and model of your press brake some need have two Allen keys, others may have fast opening systems.

Once you have loosened the tooling along the length of the press brake, lift the laser guard up, allowing the tool to come out. The side fence will then need to be undone and folded open. After undoing all the tooling, remove it, ensure the new tooling is clean, slide it all the way in, pushing the tooling up left and right before tightening.

Once the tooling’s in, you’ll need a Laser Alignment Tool. This device comes with every press brake supplied by Selmach Machinery. The point at the bottom of the tool pictured on the instrument must be aligned with the point on the top tool. Once you have fitted the laser alignment tool, turn the Akas on the control panel to number one.  You will find a red Heini (dot) pointing on the new laser alignment tool. This Heini appeared when the key position on the controller was turned to number one on the Akas. The Heini, the red round circle should be aligned with the round circle on the tool. The light guard is attached to a linear rail which has a 17mm bolt, to adjust this you will need to use a 17mm spanner to allow you to adjust it up and down. Adjust it until the red Heini (dot) is in line with the circle on the alignment tool.

Now that the left-hand column tool is aligned with the laser tool the next step is to align the left-hand column with the right-hand column. First of all, remove the laser alignment from the top tooling. To align the left and right hand columns together you will need to align the red Heini over the two small holes on the light guard and the other Heini over the single hole. Again, adjust the right-hand laser guard with a 17mm spanner to move the red Heini’s in line inside the circles. Lock into position to align the left and right hand laser guards together.

We have demonstrated how to do this from the left-hand side but the machine but it is also possible to also to do this from the right-hand side. Both sides can be opened and both sides can be used to remove the tool.
Once you have opened the side gates of the machine the gauges on the gate will inform the controller than the machine is unsafe and will put it into slow speed.  One thing you must always remember to do when you’ve finished aligning the tool is to turn Akas position to zero otherwise the machine will only run on slow speed.


Published 21st October 2016