Teknoroof – Expanding capacities and capabilities

Teknoroof – Expanding capacities and capabilities

Teknoroof is a specialist manufacturer of steel and aluminium roof and canopy products, to service the UK’s ever-growing construction industries, based in Northamptonshire.

We spoke to Adrian Stickley, the Operations Manager, about the various pieces of machinery and service they’ve been supplied by Selmach, including their Morgan Rushworth HSW60 Steelworker, HSGS Guillotine, PBSL Compact Press Brake and Hydraulic Decoiler.

“I would recommend the company itself and the machinery yes, no problem.”

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

We were driven towards Selmach, really, through the Morgan Rushworth name. Both myself and my partner John had experience of using Morgan Rushworth machines in the past. When we looked to swap out an old guillotine that we had for a new guillotine, we looked at the Morgan Rushworth name and that led us to Selmach.

What was the reason(s) that the business considered this machinery in the first place?

We manufacture metal roofing systems, which requires a range of flashings and trims, and our current capabilities meant that we were limited to processing 1mm steel and aluminium. Our customers had inquired about further products, using thicker material, but at that time we couldn’t process it. So that’s why we looked to Selmach to supply us with new machinery, to allow us to process the required materials.

What machinery have you purchased from Selmach Machinery to solve that?

So altogether, from Selmach, we’ve procured a three metre guillotine, a three metre press brake, and also a hydraulic decoiler. The decoiler and the guillotine really allows us to do our own slitting line, for when we’re cutting down sheet material. We have even had customers request that we supply them with flat sheets, so again, that slitting line helps us to do that a lot more efficiently. We’ve also purchased a steel worker, which if get into supplying purlings, then that will allow us to punch the holes and the slots within those purlings.

How has the machinery helped the business?

Fantastic. Yeah, really pleased with it. Since the machinery came in, which is only a few weeks ago, the slitting line and the guillotine have worked really well, it’s saved so much time and waste. The press brake, again, working really well, I’ve done a few jobs on that now. Not so much the steelworker, as we haven’t done anything really on that yet. Although the training that I’ve had, it is looking like it’s going to be a really good asset.

How was the experience with Selmach while you were being quoted / advised and delivered?

Very good – Very responsive. They helped us to choose the best pieces of kit that we wanted, that would suit the requirements of our business.

What about aftercare and service?

Very helpful, very responsive, very thorough. Everything from the training that we’ve had so far on the new pieces of kit, and any sort of servicing that we’ve required. More so on the guillotine, we wanted the guillotine modified from the initial state that it was delivered. Selmach have done a great job – they’ve come in, listened to what we wanted and come up with the solution and executed that very well. The engineers have been really good. All the guys that have come in, we’ve had a number of engineers on site, whether it be doing site surveys or training or servicing, were very accommodating, very thorough and very professional. A really nice group of guys to work with.

Any future machinery considerations?

Not at the moment no, because we’ve only literally just brought in the three new pieces of kit. It really depends how well they get occupied, and we’re quite limited for space here at the moment, so we would struggle to fit anything else in. But certainly, if there was, then certainly Selmach would be our first port of call.

Would you recommend Selmach and our machinery?

Oh, definitely, yes. The the machinery that’s been supplied to Teknoroof has all worked out very well. The service before and after has been very good. I would definitely recommend Selmach.

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Published 6th February 2024