Ron James Welding increase their capacity

Image of gloved hands working at a pressbrakeImage of gloved hands working at a pressbrake

Ron James Welding Services is a metal fabrication company based in Swansea.

A lifelong fan of Morgan Rushworth machines, we talked to Ron about his recent purchase of a Pressbrake and Guillotine from Selmach, with whom he has been doing business with for many years.


“Selmach are really, really good – I can’t fault them”


What led you to purchase a new machine? What was the challenge or objectives?

We were replacing machines and our workload increased. The old machines were getting worn and we needed a better spec machine to deal with bigger pieces and we were getting more ok in so needed to cover that.

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

We’ve had machines off Selmach for many years, even from their sister company before them.


What features attracted you to the machine you purchased?

I have to be honest, I’m a lover of Morgan Rushworth machines. I really like the quality of them. Nearly all the machines we’ve had from Selmach have been Morgan Rushworth. One of the MR rollers we’ve had for 20 years. I think they’re just so much more reliable.


How have you benefited from the machine? Did it meet your expectations?

Our original folder did only 8ft pieces and now we can do 10ft pieces. The guillotine – we upgraded from a 10ft to a 12 ft. Our old punch went out with the Ark so we upgraded that too. We were also limited on thickness to 3-4 millimetre before, but now we can do 10 millimetre. Now we can do bigger pieces we can do more aluminium work; a broader spectrum of work.


Has it helped you save time and increase productivity?

Yes, very much. Because our new folder is computerised we can be much more accurate, and we don’t waste time. A job that would take us four days, we can now do in one day.

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

Selmach are fantastic. I recommend them all the time to other people. They give such fantastic service all across the board. The don’t hassle you. If I need something they sort it, if there’s a silly little fault, or an issue we have then they will send someone out to sort it or will talk on the phone to sort it. Selmach are really, really good – I can’t fault them.

Published 5th August 2018