CybTouch 6 NC Controller with CNC Features

Side view of the Cybelec-Cybtouch-6-Control-Panel

An NC controller with CNC features, (available as CybTouch 6G and the CybTouch 6W) the CybTouch 6, with its user-friendly touch screen interface, means it can be operational in no time. Compatible with a vast range of sheet and plate metalworking machinery this controller will allow you to do a variety of angle adjustments and corrections and is suitable for general fabrication and doing one off productions. All made with a simple fingertip touch. Its memory holds up to 10 types of material and 200 programmes.

Side view of the Cybelec-Cybtouch-6-Control-Panel
Side view of the Cybelec-Cybtouch-6-Control-PanelSide view of the Cybelec-Cybtouch-6-Control-Panel
Video thumbnail showing the CybTouch 6 NC Controller with CNC Features
Cybtouch6 Line DiagramCybtouch6 Line Diagram
Cybtouch6 Line Diagram AttachmentsCybtouch6 Line Diagram Attachments
Cybtouch6 Line Diagram Integrating OpenningCybtouch6 Line Diagram Integrating Openning
Cybtouch6 Line Diagram Panel VersionCybtouch6 Line Diagram Panel Version
Screen: 5.7” color graphic CRT screen, 640 x 480 pixels with LED backlight control.
Working Memory: SRAM
System Memory: FLASH memory with firmware update via RFlink.
Communication: Cybelec RFlink (radio frequency link).
Axis: • ± 10VDC management of AC/DC drives and motors.

• 0-10 VDC frequency converter for AC asynchronous motors.

• SP-SN-HS 2 speeds mode. • SP-SN 0-10 VDC 2 adjustable speeds.

Units: inch/mm conversion.
Power Supply: • Numerical control: stabilized + 24VDC -15% / + 20% 15W

• Digital inputs/outputs: stabilized + 24VDC -15% / + 20%

Encoders Input: 5 VDC or 12 VDC* or 24 VDC* (* = external power supply). Complementary signals are not necessary, but recommended.
Power supplies for encoders: 5 VDC Supplied by CybTouch. Max. 250 mA for each encoder
Digital Outputs: 16 Optocoupled.
Analog Inputs: 2 0-10 VDC.
Digital Outputs: 12 Optocoupled and short circuit proof. 24 VDC source mode, max. 3.0 A. Possibility to configure twice the same output to double the current.
Analog Outputs: 4 ±10 VDC Impedance < 100 Ω, short circuit proof. Load ≥ 2 kΩ (max 15 mA).
Reference Voltage: One of the above analog outputs is used for the 10VDC reference.
Operating Conditions Min. 5° Celsius, max. 45° Celsius. Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.
EC Directives: IEC61131-2.
Available Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Português, Português Brasil, Český, Türkçe, 中文, 台灣, Polski, Pусский



Features availability depends on the number of available axes and inputs/outputs on the machine.

Back / front gauge axis

  • Wizards and auto-tuning of the axes.
  • High precision and fast positioning algorithm for frequency converter axes.
  • Retraction of the back gauge during the cutting process can be configured.
  • Back gauge management or front gauge management.
  • Indexing in several modes.
  • Inch / mm.

Common shear features

  • Eco mode.
  • Linearization of the blade gap curve for optimal positioning accuracy.
  • Backgauge clearance during the cutting process (yes / no).
  • Sequence repetition.
  • AutoCut (Flying Cut or continuous cut) function.
  • Management of sheet support with 2 or 3 positions integrated in machine cycle.
  • RTS (Return to sender) function.
  • Screen button for cutting laser / light guide.
  • Part counter with auto-stop (up or down).
  • Time and stroke counters for oil service.
  • Sheet offset (multiple-cuts in the middle of the machine with reduced TDC).
  • Pump start button.

Shear features for CybTouch 6 G

  • Automatic management of blade gap, cutting angle and cutting length.
  • System pressure management with ramp for pressure proportional valve.
  • Cutting length management by potentiometer or encoder.
  • Blade gap with 1 or 2 actuators.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic foldaway.

Shear features for CybTouch 6 W

  • Automatic management of blade gap OR cutting angle.
  • Cutting length management by timer.
  • Blade gap with 1 actuator (motor).
  • Mechanical foldaway


  • S-OPT-RFLINK RFlink USB key for PC including CybTouchTools software
  • S-OPT-CBT6/EKIT Earthing kit
  • S-MVP-100/A Pressure valve amplifier
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