How to use the Sterling SRA 440 DGSA Control Panel

Bruce Bushnell demonstrating how to use the Sterling SRA 440 DGSA Control Panel

The aim of this short video is to show you how to use the Sterling 440 DGSA Bandsaw Control Panel.

Looking at the control panel on the 440 DGSA. Starting from the bottom lefthand side as you face the control panel you will see the emergency stop at the bottom of the panel. Above that is the digital read out screen which will depict your bow position. If you’re doing your angle cut, you’ll get your angle digital read here.

You have the green and red on and off buttons along the bottom to the right of the emergency stop switch, which will turn the blade on and off. Above that you have the coolant switch.  If you turn this switch to the left for the standard system. To the center is off and to the right will enable you to select the optional extra spray mist system.

Next to that is the clamping system switch. If you want to do a bow mitre angle you will need to turn the clamping system on. This will therefore release the clamp to enable you to swivel the bow.

There are two black buttons with bow illustrations which will enable you to move the box up or down. The green button to the right of here you will need press at the beginning of the day when you first turn the machine on. The switch above that is for your hydraulic vice which allows you to control simple in and out movements. The red knob handle is the blade speed variator. On the base of this control you will see the RPM speeds from 20 to 100, which offers a wide range of cutting speeds. We recommend that you speak to our Goldcut blade specialist who will be able to recommend the correct speed to the correct material you intend on cutting.

On the far right of the controller is the bow descent controls.  The orange, keyed knob controls the physical bow descent speed, this is how fast the bow will come down. You can gently turn the knob to control the speed, or remove the key so it will always stay at one speed. To the left of that is the hydraulic pressure control. We recommend that you keep the pressure between 10-20 bar which you’ll see in your screen above the controls. This will give you the best quality of cut, the best speed of cut, but at the same time giving you the best life of blade.

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Published 21st October 2016