How to use a Morgan Rushworth RGMS Guillotine FAQ

Image of the front of the machine with hand pointing at the controls

If you are making the step up to a more modern machine, or using a Morgan Rushworth for the first time, you might be pleased to know that, with intuitive controls and a user friendly set up, combined with a little good, old-fashioned intelligent design, then you have made a good choice. To prove it, watch our very own resident knowledge base engineer as he guides you step by step in how to use the Morgan Rushworth RGMS Guillotine.

The Morgan Rushworth RGMS range of mechanical guillotines are a range designed for fast, accurate cutting of mild steel up to 5mm, and now available in eleven capacities with either the standard manually operated back gauge or the optional advanced Elgo NC back gauge.

First things first, turn the isolator on, you’ll find it on the side of the machine, when that is done press the green button on the guard at the back of the machine, making sure no one is stood between the light guards or in the back of the machine.

There’s no blade gap adjustment on the machine at all as it is a 3mm machine meaning it will automatically push out the thickness of the material we are demonstrating on. The 3mm measurement is the maximum we can cut with mild steel and 1.5mm on stainless.

You’ll notice there’s a light underneath to better illuminate the shadow line which will enable you to line up your material ready to cut. The power light will need to be lit for you to be able to cut the material. If, the fail light is lit, this means the two phases need swapping over.

On the control panel, you will also find a three-position key switch. In Key position one, the blade can be brought down or up using the two green buttons situated on the top of the controller. We would recommend using this to set the blade.

The backgauge can also be driven forward and reversed but we would normally recommend that this is programmed through the Elgo. Key position two links to the foot pedal and pressing it will enable the machine to perform one stroke and then stop.

Key position three is also linked to the foot pedal and allows you to do continuous cutting of small pieces of material which the machine will automatically keep repeating.

Finally, there is the emergency stop on the foot pedal or on the wandering foot pedal and an emergency stop button can also be found on the control should anything go wrong.

For more information on our range of hydraulic guillotines, The Elgo NC backgauge and for help and advice on calibration, click, tap or call us on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website.

Published 10th March 2017