Morgan Rushworth PB NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Front view of the Morgan Rushworth PB NC Press Brake

The conventional PB series press brake are manufactured with a heavy duty welded steel frame with strong torsion bar and hydro mechanical balancing system ensuring a long working life. PB machines range from 35 tonnes through to 300 tonnes with a bending length of up to 4100mm. All PB machines accept euro style tooling and are supplied with digital readouts for stroke control and for the power back gauge position. Side and rear guards with electrical interlocks are fitted as standard for increased safety.

Front view of the Morgan Rushworth PB NC Press Brake
Front view of the Morgan Rushworth PB NC Press BrakeFront view of the Morgan Rushworth PB NC Press Brake
Morgan Rushworth PB NC Hydraulic Press Brake image 2Morgan Rushworth PB NC Hydraulic Press Brake image 2
Morgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrake Rear ViewMorgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrake Rear View
Morgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrake Line DrawingMorgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrake Line Drawing



Bending Length A mm


Dist between columns B mm

Y Rapid Speed mm/secY Working Speed mm/secY Return Speed


Travel in X Axis mmOil Capacity ltMotor Power kwStroke C mmDaylight D mmThroat Depth E mmTable Height F mmTable Width G mmLength L mmHeight H mmWidth W mmWeight kg
PB 1250/40M5000351250107010010707508041504704108001402150215015702200
PB 2100/40M50014021001600901070750804804103108001403100215015703000
PB 2600/60M50026026002050909657501005.51104503108601403100215015904800
PB 2600/90M500390260020508010807501307.51204753108601703100227016505650
PB 3100/90M500490310025509510807501707.51204603108701404350227016506500
PB 3100/120M5005120310025501001090750170111304853108701704350237022507950
PB 3100/160M50061603100255090875750180111405103108702004350245022508700
PB 3100/200M5007200310025501008757502101515052531088024043502520225010500
PB 3100/240M5008240310025507085575021018.516058031088028043502650225012000
PB 3100/300M500930031002550809607502402218059538090038043502850240017000
PB 3700/160M501016037003250908757502101114050031087017049502450185011200
PB 3700/200M5011200370032501008757502101515054031088024049502520220012500
PB 3700/240M5012240370032507085575026018.516056531088024049502650225014000
PB 4100/160M501316041003550908757502601114050031088017053002450195012500
PB 4100/200M5014200410035501008757502601515051031088020053002520220014500
PB 4100/240M50152404100355010085575026018.516056531088024053002650205015000
PB 4100/300M501630041003550809607503002218059538090028053002850240018500

Morgan Rushworth Press Brake PB-PBS Diagram


  • European style top tool holders with wedge adjustment.
  • Standard tooling: Goose-neck top tool and multi-vee bottom tool.
  • Front operated, 750mm ballscrew back gauge with digital readout control (to 0.1mm precision) and two finger-stops with micro-adjustable height.
  • Ram stroke control by precision mechanical-stops built into each cylinder and electrically adjusted by push-buttons with a digital position display.
  • Independent position control of one cylinder-stop to provide fine angle adjustment and/or conical bending possibility.
  • Pressure switch and gauge to regulate bending tonnage and to prevent over bending due to bottoming of tools.
  • Pre-set, two-speed bending cycle giving fast approach, slow bending and fast return.
  • 3-function foot-switch: normal bending, beam pause at any stroke point, automatic beam return upon release of foot-switch.
  • Pendant control unit.
  • Hand screw clamps and chains to align and secure bottom die.
  • Two back gauge fingers.
  • Two front support arms.


  • Programmable (NC) control for Y (stroke) and X (backgauge) axes.
  • 1000mm backgauge length.
  • Top tool quick release clamps.
  • Anti deflection system.
  • Additional backgauge fingers.
  • Additional front support arm.
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