Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBS-Press-Brake

The new Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC range of hydraulic press brakes are fitted with the new ESA 630 Touch Screen CNC controller to enable off line programming from PC. Multi bend operations with complex forms can thus be effectively managed reducing operator error and over or under bending. The Y1 and Y2 axis are fully synchronised and accurate to 0.01mm with proportional valve technology. Monoblock welded steel frames ensures minimum deflection under maximum load. The PBS CNC range spans 1250mm x 40T up to 4100mm x 300T models. A comprehensive range of options including anti defection tables are available to fully ‘tailor’ machines to customer requirements.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBS-Press-Brake
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-PBS-Press-BrakeMain view Morgan-Rushworth-PBS-Press-Brake
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake
Optional Front Laser ProtectionOptional Front Laser Protection
Optional Manual Anti Deflection TableOptional Manual Anti Deflection Table
Optional R-axis CNCOptional R-axis CNC
Optional R-axis CNCOptional R-axis CNC
Optional CNC CrowningOptional CNC Crowning
Morgan Rushworth PBS Pressbrake Rear ViewMorgan Rushworth PBS Pressbrake Rear View
S560 TouchS560 Touch
ESA 630 Touch Screen ControllerESA 630 Touch Screen Controller


MODELSTOCK CODETonneA mmB mmmmLitrekwC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmL mmW mmH mmkg
PBS CNC 1250/40M504240125010701000804215455410800603000267022503300
PBS CNC 2100/60M5043602100160010001405.5210475410880603850278025425400
PBS CNC 2600/60M5044602600205010001405.5210475410880604350278025426200
PBS CNC 2600/90M5045902600205010001407.5260530410890604350278026057100
PBS CNC 3100/90M5046903100255010001407.5260530410880604850279026057900
PBS CNC 3100/120M504712031002550100014011260530410890604850279029058400
PBS CNC 3100/160M504816031002550100021015260530410890604850280029059700
PBS CNC 3100/200M504920031002550100021018.52605304108806048502800290510000
PBS CNC 3100/240M5050240310025501000210222605304108806048502810290511000
PBS CNC 3100/300M50513003100255010002802232066050090528048503015315015000
PBS CNC 3700/120M5052120370032501000210112605304108706054502830290511000
PBS CNC 3700/160M5053160370032501000210152605304108806054502800290511500
PBS CNC 3700/200M505420037003250100021018.52605304108806054502800290512000
PBS CNC 3700/240M5055240370032501000210222605304108806054502810290513500
PBS CNC 3700/300M50563003700325010002802232063550098028054503020320017000
PBS CNC 4100/160M5057160410035501000210152605304108806058502800290512000
PBS CNC 4100/200M505820041003550100021018.52605304108806058502800290512500
PBS CNC 4100/240M5059240410035501000210222605304108806058502810290514000
PBS CNC 4100/300M50603004100355010002802232063550098028058503020320018500

Morgan Rushworth Press Brake PB-PBS Diagram


  • Strong rigid welded Monoblock frame able to withstand deflection under load.
  • Sick CE front light guards
  • User friendly ESA 630 Touch Screen CNC system with 2D auto bend sequence computations and large tool library.
  • Full off line 2D graphical view programming software which can be transferred to the controller with USB flash disc.
  • Ideal for multi bending of complex operations, especially where volume production with accurate repeatability is required.
  • Bend accuracy at least five times higher than conventional press brakes.
  • Fully synchronised Y1 and Y2 axis, accurate to 0.01mm with proportional valve technology.
  • Hydraulic ram travel guided in low friction slideways.
  • Fast CNC back gauge with AC servo drive.
  • Euro style top clamps with intermediaries and quick release tool clamps.
  • Sectionalised goose neck top tool.
  • Sectionalised multi vee bottom die.
  • High stroke and daylight opening.
  • Deep throat design.
  • Two front support arms on adjustable linear rail.
  • Dual foot switch console with emergency stop.
  • Swiveling pendant arm.
  • Rear guard with photo cell safety beam.
  • Ventilated electrical cabinet.


  • Manual anti deflection table
  • CNC anti deflection table
  • S540 2D colour graphical CNC controller
  • Extra backgauge fingers
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