Morgan Rushworth BHGS Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-BHGS-Guillotine

The powerful BHGS range of hydraulic swing beam sheet metal guillotines are equipped with a high visibility front guard design consisting of a fixed guard with windows. All machines are fitted with stainless steel quality cutting blades as standard, giving flexibility to cut a range of materials without detriment to blade life.

The user friendly Cybtouch 6 NC controller ensures accurate cutting with precision back gauge setting and the facility to store complete cutting lists including length and quantity. For longer lengths an automatic swing away backgauge is standard.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-BHGS-Guillotine
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-BHGS-GuillotineMain view Morgan-Rushworth-BHGS-Guillotine
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth BHGS Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine
Morgan Rushworth BHGS Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine Rear ViewMorgan Rushworth BHGS Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine Rear View
Optional 1 Metre Flip-up Safety GuardOptional 1 Metre Flip-up Safety Guard
Close up of a support arm on a HSVS Variable Rake GuillotineClose up of a support arm on a HSVS Variable Rake Guillotine
Optional Angle GaugeOptional Angle Gauge
Making machinery since 1872Making machinery since 1872
MODELSTOCK CODEmmkwkwmmlt_A mm_G mm_C mm_C+E mm_L mm_C+D+E mm_H mmkg
BHGS 3100/6 NCM10623060641.51817110.3710001703340800160026003770310018257000
BHGS 3100/10 NCM1063306010621217220.3710001703420800177527753850327518509200
BHGS 3100/13 NCM106430601382.41217300.37100022034509001985298538803485206011500
BHGS 3100/16 NCM1065306016102.7717300.55100022034109002150315038403550223015500
BHGS 3100/20 NCM1066306020133718370.55100028034709002140314039003540244019600
BHGS 4100/10 NCM1067406010621023220.37100017043708001975297548003375191013000
BHGS 4100/13 NCM106840601382.2823300.37100022044009001975297548303375216016100

Morgan Rushworth Guillotine BHGS Diagram


  • CybTouch 6 NC Controller
  • Fast and powerful back gauge with 750mm travel
  • Automatic swing away backgauge feature
  • Stainless steel cutting blades with multiple cutting edges
  • Cutting line illumination with shadow wire
  • Cutting length stroke adjustment for narrower sheets reducing cutting time
  • Digital stroke counter
  • Easy blade gap adjustment system from single point
  • Powerful hydraulic material hold downs prevent sheet sliding during cutting
  • Front guards with windows for excellent visibility of cutting area
  • Support table with roller bearings
  • 1000mm front squaring arm with tee slot and flip stop
  • Front support arms with 1000mm length
  • Foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting
  • One-piece honed and chrome plated double acting powerful cylinders
  • Rear photo-cell guards


  • 1000mm backgauge travel in lieu of standard 750mm
  • Powered blade gap adjustment
  • Pneumatic rear sheet support system
  • Tee Slot, flip stop & rule on front support arms
  • Angle gauge
  • 1 metre lift up finger guard with interlock switch
  • Front CE light guards in lieu of standard fixed front guards
  • Laser cutting line
  • Longer squaring arms and support arms

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