Warwick Steel Structures share their thoughts on our service

Warwick Steel Case StudyWarwick Steel Case Study

Warwick Steel Structures is a steel fabrication and installation company based in the Midlands. They build structural steel work for both domestic projects and trade projects and work on every stage from initial consultation and design to the assembly of the project.

Warwick Steel Structures have over 30 years’ experience working in the steel trade. They are the preferred suppliers for large blue-chip companies such as Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover and GE.  With such high-profile clients, quality production is paramount and only the best quality machines will do.

Warwick Steel Structures have purchased several machines from Selmach in the past including bandsaws, press brake, CNC plasma and guillotines, so when they wanted to replace their cutting machine, they got in touch. We spoke to Tony Langford about their experience of purchasing machinery from Selmach.

“We’ve always been happy with the machines we’ve had from Selmach”

What challenges and objectives led you to purchase a new machine?

We were looking to increase our output and we wanted the opportunity to increase our involvement in contracted jobs. Specifically, we needed a machine that would produce an extra 386,000 plate cuttings.”

 “Our existing machine was old and slow, so we decided to purchase the Morgan Rushworth Plasma Cutter; the next generation machine, so that we could increase our production.”

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

“After looking around for the machine we realised that there were limited options in the UK. The machine we wanted was available with Selmach, and they promised a quick delivery so we decided to buy from them.”

“We’ve had about £200,000 worth of machines from them in the past so we know that they are reliable. We’ve always been happy with the machines we’ve had from Selmach.”

What features attracted you to the machine you purchased?

“There was nothing specific in terms of the features. It was the build quality of the machine that was important for us really.”

How have you benefited from the machine?

“We’re in the process of fitting it as we speak so it’s too early to say but we’ve had a bandsaw from them recently, and we’re very happy with that. There have been a few niggles as there would be with any machine, but overall we’re very happy with it.”

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

“They give a good service – I certainly can’t complain. I looked at another firm before I chose Selmach but I wasn’t convinced that they wouldn’t charge over the top for servicing. With Selmach, I’m confident that this is not the case.


They are an honest company that doesn’t take advantages by having really high servicing charges after we’ve purchased the machine.”

“An honest company that doesn’t take advantage by having really high service charges”

Published 7th August 2017