Morgan Rushworth XRG Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v

The Morgan Rushworth XRG powered guillotine shears are designed for high production, precision cutting while at the same time maintaining low operating costs with minimal maintenance requirements. They are very well engineered and are able
to sustain production at a high number of cuts per minute without impacting on the
cut quality.

All XRG models feature pneumatic sheet supports which give the alternative of dropping cut parts to the front or rear of the machine. If using the return to front system an optional removable trolley can be ordered for easy handling of cut parts.

Morgan Rushworth XRG Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v imageMorgan Rushworth XRG Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v image
Morgan Rushworth XRG Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v image 2
Elgo P40T NC Controller
Morgan Rushworth XRG Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v image 2
XRG 2100.30M135021003.01.54.5354.075010002550195016001510
XRG 2100.40M135121004.02.56.0357.575010002550195016002500
XRG 2550.25M135225502.51.54.0354.075010003150195016001690
XRG 2550.40M135325504.02.56.0357.575010003150195016002700
XRG 3200.20M135432002.01.23.0354.075010003750195016002010
XRG 3200.40M135532004.02.56.0357.575010003750195016003050
XRG 4200.15M135642001.51.02.0354.075010004750195016002450
XRG 4200.30M135742003.02.04.0357.575010004750195016003500


  • Very rigid welded steel frame
  • 2-sided alloy steel blades for mild or stainless steel cutting
  • Automatically activated hold down system to prevent sheet sliding during cutting
  • 750mm servo powered back gauge, accurate to ± 0.1mm
  • Elgo P40T programmable touch screen NC control
  • Stainless steel support table with rules in bed
  • Retractable front sheet support
  • 1000mm squaring arm
  • LED illuminated cutting area with shadow line
  • Foot pedal control


  • Extend Back Gauge Travel to 1000mm
  • Extend Squaring Arm to 2 metres
  • Extend Squaring Arm to 3 metres
  • Blank Sheet Trolley
  • Angle Gauge
  • Laser Cutting Line

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