Morgan Rushworth DPBH-4 Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Rolls

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-DPBM-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls

The Morgan Rushworth DPBH-4 hydraulic bending rolls are available with roll diameters ranging from 280mm up to the large 680mm machines. The 4 roll design is extremely powerful, with 3 of the rolls hydraulically driven and the fourth lower roll hydraulically adjusted up and down to pinch the material into position. The feature greatly assists the operator, especially during multiple radius bending as the work piece is always held. All models have hydraulic drop end and are supplied with DRO to all three adjusting rolls to indicate roll position.

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-DPBM-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls
Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-DPBM-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-RollsMain view - Morgan-Rushworth-DPBM-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth DPBH-4 Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Rolls
DPBH-4 2050/280M354320501620280220154750165018008550
DPBH-4 2050/320M35442050202532024018.548001800190010240
DPBH-4 2050/350M354520502530350260225000220019001190
DPBH-4 2050/380M3546205030403803003051002300200013200
DPBH-4 2050/400M35472050354540030038.552002350230014990
DPBH-4 2050/460M35482050405046038038.552502350260020050
DPBH-4 2050/500M3549205050555004004554002490260031000
DPBH-4 2050/550M3550205050605504506655002860290040150
DPBH-4 2550/280M355125501216280220155250170018009200
DPBH-4 2550/320M35522550162032024018.553001800190011300
DPBH-4 2550/350M3553255020253502602254002200190013200
DPBH-4 2550/380M3554255025303803003054502290200016720
DPBH-4 2550/400M35552550304040030038.557002320230017950
DPBH-4 2550/460M35562550354546038038.560002400260022450
DPBH-4 2550/500M3557255040505004004560002510260032980
DPBH-4 2550/550M3558255045555504506660002860290043560
DPBH-4 3100/280M3559310010122802201558001720180010040
DPBH-4 3100/320M35603100121632024018.559501810190012980
DPBH-4 3100/350M3561310016203502602261002280190015090
DPBH-4 3100/380M3562310020253803003061502320200018200
DPBH-4 3100/400M35633100253040030038.562502340230020060
DPBH-4 3100/460M35643100304046038038.564002390260024660
DPBH-4 3100/500M3565310035455004004565502470260036070
DPBH-4 3100/550M3566310040505504506667202680290046790
DPBH-4 3100/580M3567310045605804807371802920298055200
DPBH-4 3100/620M35683100607062052012373003280320062100
DPBH-4 3100/680M35693100708568058015077503480355082360
DPBH-4 4100/280M35704100682802201565001740180013100
DPBH-4 4100/320M3571410081032024018.567001830190016070
DPBH-4 4100/350M3572410010123502602269202290190018750
DPBH-4 4100/380M3573410012163803003070402340200022350
DPBH-4 4100/400M35744100162040030038.572502390230025070
DPBH-4 4100/460M35754100202546038038.573402560260031100
DPBH-4 4100/500M3576410025355004004574302600260041870
DPBH-4 4100/550M3577410030405504506676502880290054310


  • Hydraulic driven rolls
  • Hydraulic drop end and top roll tilt
  • Hydraulic up and down roll movement
  • Hydraulic pinching
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • DRO for both side rolls
  • Double pre-bending to front and rear edge of plate
  • Cone bending device
  • Welded steel construction
  • Safety trip wire around the machine
  • Mobile control panel
  • Two speed
  • Central lubrication system


  • Side and central sheet supports
  • Ground and polished rolls
  • Variable speed
  • NC or CNC controller

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