How to check and set your wire tension on a rolling machine

Close up of a hand turning the wire tension on a rolling machine

The aim of this short video is to show you how to adjust our safety cable that goes around our sheet rolling machines. The reason why you’ll have to adjust this from time to time is that the min and max tension pressure for health and safety reasons which is not in that range, this machine will not function. This is the tensioning turnbuckle that tensions up the cable. More often than not, the reason why you’ll need to adjust it is because it’s below tension.

It could be that it could be above tension but more often than not it’s because it’s below tension. Now there’s two reasons for that. Over time, the cable could stretch. Secondly, when it’s knocked daily, the turnbuckle could turn back itself, reducing it below tension.

Now our advice is to do quarter turn at a time, trip the switch, go to the limit switch and pull the plunger and then test the machine. If it’s still not working, another quarter turn, trip the switch, go to the limit switch, pull the plunger and test the machine. Watch our experience technician demonstrate in this video.

Published 4th July 2016