The service and aftercare from Selmach were fantastic

Image of Limpfield working the CNC MG Bending Rolls in their warehouseImage of Limpfield working the CNC MG Bending Rolls in their warehouse

Limpsfield is an industrial burner manufacturer company based in Kent. The company offers solutions to combustion requirements, from standard burners to individually engineered solutions and is committed to the quality and performance of its products. We spoke to Nick Guy from Limpsfield about their need for two MG roll machines.


What led you to purchase a new machine? What was the challenge or objectives?

We had a basic manual rolling machine, but we were bringing out new products, so we needed a CNC machine, and something with better accuracy. Bruce came out to see us and we ended up buying two rolling machines because of the variety of sizes we needed to roll – our rolling needs couldn’t be achieved with one machine.


“The service and aftercare from Selmach were fantastic.”


How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

We used Selmach before they became Selmach (Selkent!). Also, we looked to buy a MG machine independently – we needed something that was high end, a quality machine but we also needed the technical support of a UK distributor. This was a key machine to that section of the operation so if the machine went down, and we had to wait for an engineer from say Portugal, we couldn’t roll anything. We needed to know we had back-up here in the UK.


What features attracted you to the CNC rolling machine your purchased?

Mainly that it was a CNC machine. The fact that it was a CNC machine takes a lot of the user knowledge out and it is programmable. This speeds up manufacture as we are able to recall a previous programme. It is the repeatability of the programming that is important for us.


Did it meet your expectations?

Yes, it did. We can now roll the parts we need to roll for the new products.


How has it helped you save time and increase productivity?

The quality of the rolling has improved, and it has streamlined our process. With the old rollers, and with the user’s knowledge we could do something quicker, but it was not repeatable. And the quality is much better with these new machines – we are creating a better product.


What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

The service and aftercare from Selmach has been fantastic. We had problems initially with our guys not knowing how to use the CNC but Selmach brought engineers over from Italy to help us. And Selmach then popped in again after 6 months to see that we were happy with everything. The service and aftercare from Selmach were fantastic.

Published 19th April 2018