Morgan Rushworth ASBR Powered Bending Rolls

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ASBR-3-Roll-Powered-Bending-Rolls

The power ASBR models feature induction hardened rolls as standard. Motorised side roll up and down translation ensures easy pre-bending of material. ASBR machines are available up to 3040mm bending width.

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ASBR-3-Roll-Powered-Bending-Rolls
Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ASBR-3-Roll-Powered-Bending-RollsMain view - Morgan-Rushworth-ASBR-3-Roll-Powered-Bending-Rolls


ASBR 1050/150M312510507815022535275010408001350
ASBR 1050/190M3126105091019028545285010708901600
ASBR 1600/140M30271600561402102.26280010607501450
ASBR 1600/170M302816007817025544.5315011308201900
ASBR 2100/170M302921005617025544.5365011308202300
ASBR 2100/190M303021006719028545390012009203600
ASBR 2100/200M30312100782003005.55390012509503800
ASBR 2600/140M30322600341402252.26315011308201900
ASBR 2600/170M303326004517025544.5415011308202750
ASBR 2600/190M303426005619028545440012009204200
ASBR 2600/200M30352600672003005.55440012509504400
ASBR 3100/170M303631003417025544.5465011308203200
ASBR 3100/190M303731004519028545465012009204600
ASBR 3100/200M30383100562003005.55465012509504800


  • Top roll to slip
  • Heavy duty strong welded steel construction
  • Motorised side roll for up and down translation
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Asymmetric roll configuration
  • Cone bending device
  • High powered production range


  • Powered lower roll up and down movement for pinching
  • Extended rolls for profile bending
  • DRO for side roll position

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