Advantages of Using CNC MG Sheet & Plate Bending Rolls

Bruce Bushnell demonstrating the The advantages of a CNC MG Bending Rolls

Watch this video to fully understand the advantages of an MG CNC Sheet Bending Rolls. Most fabrication and engineering workshops would have a set of manual or powered sheet rolls, whether it be pyramid or asymmetrical.

There are three shapes that sheet rolls can form. Typically, and most commonly is the round shape cylinder, triangular shape, then the elliptical shape. If you have got a set of manual or powered rolls, these would be too difficult to form. When it comes to your triangular shapes and your elliptical grip shapes, it becomes a lot more challenging and difficult. On your triangular shapes, you have the flats between the curves, and on the elliptical, you have an inconsistent curve.

We all know that rolling is a fine art. At times, it can very much be a case of trial and error. More often than not companies have one or two people who have the skill, knowledge and experience of doing sheet rolling. The problem with that is these people become indispensable to the company. If that person was to go on holiday or became absent for any reason, it could have an impact on production. So, for that reason alone, we would recommend investing in a set of CNC Rolls. Once the skilled operator has rolled, corrected, and saved the prototype, pretty much anyone can recall that programme and roll multiple parts.

Watch the video to see how easy it is. A member of our team who has very limited experience in rolling material can easily recall a programme, a programme that’s been rolled, corrected, and saved by a skilled technician. He easily recalls a programme and roll complicated parts.

Even if you are not rolling the more technical parts i.e. triangular elliptical shapes but are rolling semi circles and round shapes. The benefits of the MG CNC rolls still apply to you. If you are rolling simple parts, this machine has a very well thought through correction page where you can correct and adjust flatness on your pre-bends to increasing pre-bend length to removing the apple and pear situation. Therefore, with this MG Rolls, once a technician has rolled, saved, and corrected a part, pretty much anyone in the company can roll multiple products easily.

Published 10th July 2017