MG M Series Hydraulic 4-Roll Plate Bending Rolls

Main view - MG-M-Series-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls

Established in 1959 and with particular emphasis on hydraulic bending rolls since the early 1980’s, MG are world leading manufacturers of plate bending machines. The current range is the result of continuous research and development over the years and represents the highest level of technology in this field. With capacity to manufacture machines in the range of 200mm to 8000mm bending length and 1mm to 300mm bending capacity, MG has a solution for virtually every requirement. The 4-Roll ‘Series M’ models are of double pinch design, with additional bottom roll, and have been produced using high quality components, benefiting from MG’s proven technology, allowing maximum performance while still requiring little maintenance over the life of the machine. The 4-Roll design, with continuous pinching of the material, provides the option of fitting an NC or CNC control, therefore allowing the automation of the bending process.

Main view - MG-M-Series-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls
Main view - MG-M-Series-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-RollsMain view - MG-M-Series-4-Roll-Hydraulic-Bending-Rolls
Video thumbnail showing the MG M Series Hydraulic 4-Roll Plate Bending Rolls
MG CNC Bending RollsMG CNC Bending Rolls
Large oval sheet metal being rolled on a MG CNC Bending RollsLarge oval sheet metal being rolled on a MG CNC Bending Rolls
Arial view of MG CNC Bending Rolls with safety cageArial view of MG CNC Bending Rolls with safety cage
Close up of an elliptical piece of material which has been rolled on an MG CNC Bending RollsClose up of an elliptical piece of material which has been rolled on an MG CNC Bending Rolls
MG CNC Bending Rolls with roller trackMG CNC Bending Rolls with roller track
MG CNC Bending Rolls sat on it's top endMG CNC Bending Rolls sat on it's top end
MG CNC Bending Rolls 2mMG CNC Bending Rolls 2m
MG CNC Bending Rolls 3mMG CNC Bending Rolls 3m
MG CNC Bending RollsMG CNC Bending Rolls


M 0501 L218435501.51701201156002.21,424625776800
M 1003 L21844105032901201056002.21,9246257761000
M 1206 P218451250641201151056952.22,4358451,0301500
M 1504 P218461550431301201056952.22,7358451600
M 1706 P2184717506415013012070032,9358451,0301700
M 2004 P2184820504214013010570533,2358451,0301900
M 2006 P2184920506416014012071033,2358451,0302100
M 2008 A2185020508619017015080533,3701,0501,2453400
M 2010 R21851205010821019016086043,1601,0601,3203800
M 2014 R21852205014102202001708655.53,1601,0601,3204200
M 2020 C21853205020142802602109957.53,4251,4601,5205000
M 2028 D21854205028203203002301080113,6241,7201,8308000
M 2038E21855205038303703502701395154,2901,98014000
M 2045 F21856205045354203903101725224,5552,1802,38515000
M 2050 G21857205050404304203601835305,0902,6952,45016000
M 2060 H21858205060505205004302235375,0002,9003,06532000
M 2075 I21859205075605705605102570565,3003,4803,57030000
M 2100 Y218602050100756105905202655755,3003,4803,57042000
M 2506 P2186126006418017014071033,7858451,0303500
M 2508 A2186226008620018015080533,9201,0501,2454000
M 2510 R21863260010822021017086043,9751,0601,3204500
M 2514 B21864260014102402201908705.53,9751,2101,3206500
M 2520 C21865260020152802602209907.53,9751,4601,5207000
M 2528 D21866260028203403202301090114,7201,7201,83010000
M 2538 E21867260038304003803001420155,3401,9802,09017000
M 2540 F21868260040354103903101725225,0552,1802,38519000
M 2550 G21869260050405104603901850305,6402,6952,45024000
M 2565 H21870260065505204804102245375,6403,1303,06533000
M 2575 I21871260075605705304402625565,8503,4803,57040000
M 2590 Y21872260090706806304902655755,8503,4803,57050000
M 3006 A2187331006421019015080534,4201,0501,2454500
M 3008 R2187431008623022017086044,4751,0601,3205500
M 3010 B2187531001082502301908705.54,4751,2101,3206000
M 3015 C21876310015132902702109857.54,4751,4601,5208000
M 3018 C2187731001814310280230995114,4751,4601,5209000
M 3022 D21878310022183503302501090115,2201,7201,83013000
M 3028 M21879310028223803602701415154,7601,9242,00517000
M 3035 E2188031003526430380300142018.55,3401,9802,09019000
M 3038 F21881310038324404103201740225,5552,1802,385
M 3042 G21882310042344604203601850306,1402,6952,45027000
M 3048 G21883310048364804403701860306,1402,6952,45029000
M 3055 H21884310055405405104302255456,1403,1303,06550000
M 3065 I21885310065506305704602655566,3503,4803,57066000
M 3075 Y21886310075556806204902655756,3503,4803,57071000


  • 4-Roll double pinch design for pre-bending both sides of the plate before rolling
  • Electro welded and stress relieved frame construction
  • High quality European components used throughout
  • Permanent lubrication system – all parts are lubricated and sealed during assembly
  • C45 forged steel rolls, induction hardened
  • Crowning on rolls to compensate for deflection during bending process
  • Three rolls driven by hydraulic motors with gearboxes directly coupled to the rolls
  • Planetary roll movement  reducing friction and maintaining precision
  • Rolls mounted on high load rated sealed double roller bearings
  • Massive torsion bars with sophisticated hydraulic valves  to ensure roll parallelism
  • Hydraulic drop end and automatic top roll balancing for material removal
  • Hydraulic up & down movement of the bending rolls
  • Digital read out for side roll positions
  • Cone bending system
  • Laser alignment system for material positioning
  • Safety system to conform to EU norms
  • Mobile control console


  • Hydraulic overhead support
  • Hydraulic side supports
  • NC Control
  • CNC Control

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