Bianco AE PLC Fully Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw

Main view - Bianco-AE-Single-Mitre-Fully-Automatic-Bandsaw

BIANCO are one of Europes most innovative and leading producers of High Precision Bandsaws. The Bianco AE Fully Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaws 415v are esteemed for their reliability, dependability and high accuracy which are hallmarks of Bianco Bandsaws.

Main view - Bianco-AE-Single-Mitre-Fully-Automatic-Bandsaw
Main view - Bianco-AE-Single-Mitre-Fully-Automatic-BandsawMain view - Bianco-AE-Single-Mitre-Fully-Automatic-Bandsaw
Video thumbnail showing the Bianco AE PLC Fully Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw
Blade Deflection Device
Optional - Blade Deflection Device
Blade Deflection Device
Bianco AE PLC Fully Automatic Single Mitre BandsawBianco AE PLC Fully Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw
Variable Blade Speed
Optional - Variable Blade Speed
Variable Blade Speed
Digital Read-Out Angle Finder
Optional - Digital Read-Out Angle Finder
Digital Read-Out Angle Finder
Dry Cooling Device
Optional - Dry Cooling Device
Dry Cooling Device
Hydraulic Bundle Clamping
Optional - Hydraulic Bundle Clamping
Hydraulic Bundle Clamping
Optional - Inverter
Variable Vice Pressure
Optional - Variable Vice Pressure
Variable Vice Pressure
Mechanical Bundle Clamping
Optional - Mechanical Bundle Clamping
Mechanical Bundle Clamping
Close up detail of the Cutting length adjusting wheel for the Bianco 330AE and 370AE Fully Automatic BandsawClose up detail of the Cutting length adjusting wheel for the Bianco 330AE and 370AE Fully Automatic Bandsaw


mm330 x 140200 x 130120 x 100330 x 240230 x 140140 x 130420 x 200270 x 140170 x 170
Bed Heightmm835835835
Blade Sizemm3010 x 27 x 0.93120 x 27 x 0.93270 x 27 x 0.9
Cutting Speedm/min35/7010 – 10010 – 100
MotorKw0.9 – 1.40.9 – 1.40.9 – 1.4
Remnant Piece220mm220mm220mm
Carriage Stroke600mm600mm600mm



  • Fully automatic cutting cycle with hydraulic vice feed system
  • Shuttle vice facility for long cutting lengths – 600mm carriage length
  • 220mm remnant piece (scrap length)
  • Hydraulic cutting with variable pressure and variable speed
  • Hydraulic vice
  • Fast approach with auto bow height return setting
  • Cast bow construction
  • Carbide blade guides for high accuracy
  • Quick mitring swivel head up to 60¡


  • Blade speed variator
  • Spray mist cooling system
  • Chip conveyor 330AE
  • Mechanical bundle clamping device
  • Hydraulic bundle cutting
  • Variable clamping pressure
  • Dry Cooling Device
  • Frequency Converter
  • Blade Deflection control device

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