Benefits of the Bianco Bandsaw 420MS

Bruce Bushnell demonstrating the benefits of the Bianco Bandsaw 420MS

In celebration of 20 years of supplying the Bianco range of Bandsaws we would like to share with you some of the key features of why this saw is so popular. In the video, we talk through the key features of the Bianco 420MS.

This bandsaw, is our fastest moving Bianco Bandsaw in the range. It is compact size, only being a meter wide and 1.6 meters deep yet it has got an impressive cutting capacity of 420mm.

One of the key reasons why it has been so popular is due to its versality in the workshop. It has the dual mode, auto down feed manual pull down bow system. Meaning you can switch easily between manual and gravity down feed with bearable control by a switch of a nozzle.

So, if you need to cut something quickly like a piece 12mm round bar or a piece of 50-50 box section, you can simply turn off the manual mode and use it like you will use a chop saw. In a situation where you want to cut something larger like a big steel beam, you can use the gravity down feed system with the bearable control. This does three things:

– It gives you extended life of bandsaw blade because you can cut slower

– It gives you a better-quality cut because you are cutting slower

– It also the operator could walk away because the saw is cutting by itself.


Another excellent feature of the Bianco Bandsaw is they use Siemens electronics and motors. I cannot recall of any motor failures in the past 20 years. Secondly, it is pretty much motor to band wheel. If you’re cutting solids or bundles, this gives great blade traction.

Over the past 20 years, Selmach has sold hundreds and hundreds of these bandsaws. We put that down from durability, the versatility, and the consistency of this saw that’s why our customers reinvest time and time again because it’s a work horse in many of today’s fabrication shops.


Published 21st July 2017