How to fold, coil, unfold and flip a bandsaw blade FAQ

A technician demonstrating how to uncoil a bandsaw blade safely

Join our experienced technician as he talks through how to safely fold/coil, unfold and flip a bandsaw blade.

Bandsaw blades can be unwieldy, and you can easily find yourself tangled up in them, if you are not careful when handling them. Follow our guide to learn how to safely and efficiently coil, unfold and flip a bandsaw blade without cutting yourself.

When dealing with a bandsaw blade it is important to wear the appropriate protective clothing. We recommend wearing protective gloves, goggles and clothing you are not too precious about.

How to coil a bandsaw blade

  • Stand on a soft mat to ensure you do not damage the blade.
  • Hold the blade in your hands, with the end touching the mat.
  • Angle the top part of the blade (in hands) slightly forward.
  • With your palms facing forward, shoulder distance apart, hold the blade firmly within your fingers.
  • Turn your hands in towards each other, with your palms now facing inwards.
  • Slowly begin to push the blade down towards to the floor
  • The blade will automatically coil
  • This will enable you to safely store your blades without taking up too much space.

How to safely uncoil a bandsaw blade
**You must never throw the blade as it is extremely dangerous and you could damage the teeth and the back of the blade.

  • The safe way we would recommend is to first find the two open loops
  • With you left hand take hold of the middle loop
  • With your right hand slowly release the two loops
  • Both hands should move to hold both sides of the blade
  • At arms length, away from your body, unfold the blade.

How to flip a blade to ensure the teeth are facing the correct direction for your machine

  • Stand on a soft mat to ensure you do not damage the blade.
  • Place your foot on the bottom of the blade
  • Hands at the top of the blade, fairly close together, palms facing down.
  • Push down on the blade and start to twisting the blade towards you
  • Whilst twisting, pull the blade upwards
  • Lifting your foot slightly
  • Allow the blade to gently roll under the sole of your foot

Remember practice makes perfect. Watch our engineer demonstrate in this video.
As part of Selmach Machinery’s Knowledge Base we are developing a series of films to support our customers to successfully set up and manage their machines correctly. If you need any advice please get in touch.

Published 10th March 2017