How to use the gravity down feed on a Bianco saw

How to use the gravity down feed on a Bianco saw

The aim of this short video is to demonstrate how to use the gravity down feed feature of a Bianco saw.

Looking at the control panel from left to right, at the bottom, is two dials, the leftmost dial is the hydraulic lock, turning it anticlockwise turns the machine onto manual mode.

Turning the dial fully to the right engaging the hydraulic lock, this allows you to lift the bow and it will stay in position. You can therefore list the bow to allow your material to feed in.

Pull the trigger on the handle with your left hand, and with your right hand press the large green button to start the bow’s descent.

The rightmost dial at the bottom of the panel controls the speed of descent of the bow.

As part of Selmach Machinery’s Knowledge Base we are developing a series of films to support our customers to successfully set up and manage their machines correctly. Watch our experienced technician as they demonstrate how to use the Bianco bandsaws auto down feed functionality, the Bianco model in the video is the 280MS.

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Published 30th September 2021