Ajan High Definition Metal Cutting Plasma


The Ajan High Definition CNC metal cutting plasma offer high quality profile cutting for a range of materials, delivering both excellent edge squareness and a virtually dross free finish, while maintaining production feed rates. The machines are constructed to a heavy industrial standard and, by manufacturing the machine totally in house including all of the electronic components, Ajan ensure that they can offer the required support to the machine for the duration of its working life. All models come complete with Ajan CAD/CAM software including comprehensive features and free software upgrades. Options include the advanced bevel cutting plasma head, oxy cutting torches and a heavy industrial extraction/ filtration system, developed specifically for these models; alternatively they can be connected to a new or existing factory ducted system.

Video thumbnail showing the Ajan High Definition Metal Cutting Plasma
Video thumbnail showing the Ajan High Definition Metal Cutting Plasma
Plasma CuttingPlasma Cutting
Oxy Fuel CuttingOxy Fuel Cutting
Optional Bevel Head Cutting System (left) & Oxy Fuel Head (right)Optional Bevel Head Cutting System (left) & Oxy Fuel Head (right)
Mulitple Bevel Head Oxy CuttingMulitple Bevel Head Oxy Cutting
Ajan NestingAjan Nesting
Ajan CNC UnitAjan CNC Unit
Ajan Jet Filter SystemAjan Jet Filter System
MODEL 1503/1302004/1302006/1301503/2602004/2602006/260
Plasma OutputAmps30-13030-13030-13030-26030-26030-260
Production Pierce Capacity
Mild Steelmm252525404040
Stainless Steelmm202020252525
Maximum Cutting Capacity
Mild Steelmm303030656565
Stainless Steelmm252525505050
X Axis Strokemm150020002000150020002000
Y Axis Strokemm300040006000300040006000


  • High Definition plasma cutting technology
  • Automatic gas console
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Ajan CNC control unit using industry standard DIN/ISO ‘G’ codes
  • Able to work with DXF, ESSI and NC toolpath files
  • CAD drawing software
  • CAM nesting and optimisation software
  • Consistent quality, virtually dross free finish without the requirement for secondary operation
  • ‘Optohole’ technology for bolt hole optimisation
  • Strong steel frame designed to withstand constant high speed production
  • X and Y axis precision rack and pinion system with AC servo motors
  • Resume cutting feature
  • Rapid traverse speed
  • Marking and cutting of material performed with the same plasma torch
  • Fume extraction system beneath the table with exhaust connection at rear of machine that can be connected to factory extraction system or to optional filtration unit


  • Oxy fuel units
  • 4-axis bevel cutting head
  • 5-axis bevel cutting head
  • High efficiency extraction/filtration system

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