J.Silk Agricultural expands capacity with the Ajan Plasma to fulfill customer needs

Image of a Ajan Plasma in actionImage of a Ajan Plasma in action

J.Silk Agricultural Co. Ltd is an Agricultural Engineering business based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. They wanted to upgrade their current cutting machine, so they looked to Selmach to fulfil their requirements. We spoke to James about his experience with Selmach and the purchase of the Ajan Plasma machine.


“Selmach is very helpful and wouldn’t sell you something you didn’t need. They’ll sell you the right tool for the job”


What led you to purchase a new machine? What was the challenge or objectives?

We were replacing our current machine, so we were looking for something bigger and more powerful. We decided on an ex-demonstration Ajan Plasma machine. There were a few issues and niggles with it, and there were a couple of parts missing because it was ex-demonstration, but overall, we’re very happy with it.


How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them to supply your Ajan Plasma machine?

We looked around at a few other suppliers before we came to Selmach. We saw them at the LAMMA Agricultural show a while back, so it was a case of right time, right place really.

We’ve already had a second hand rolling machine from them before the Ajan, so we knew about them and knew they were a good company. They had a good range of machines and didn’t try to convince us to go for the most expensive. In fact, they told us that the cheaper option is just as good.


What features attracted you to the machine your purchased?

Mainly it was the fact that it was well built and of good quality. We also liked the fact that Ajan makes all the parts themselves.


Has the machine met your expectations?

Yes. The cutting capacity and quality have exceeded our expectations – it is better than we expected. We’re still learning about what the machine can do so it’s early days but, so far, we’re very happy with it.


How have you benefited from the machine?

Well it has a much bigger table on it, so we can get bigger sheets on there, and as a result there are fewer offcuts, therefore reducing our costs. It is much faster and our clearing up time is much reduced compared to the old one – with the Ajan there is very little cleaning required. It has a bigger capacity, so we can fulfil more of our customer needs, do extra jobs above what we had the capability to do before.


What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

We’re very happy with it. There were a few parts missing because we had the ex-demo machine so we’re waiting for the parts to come but Selmach are very helpful and quick to respond, particularly Phil. Ajan themselves have been very quick to respond to queries we’ve had too.


How would you encapsulate your experience with Selmach?

Selmach is very helpful and wouldn’t sell you something you didn’t need. They’ll sell you the right tool for the job.

Published 3rd July 2018