Morgan Rushworth ACP CNC HPR High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ACP-CNC-Compact-Plasma-Cutting-Machine

The Morgan Rushworth ACP CNC Compact Plasma cutting machines have been especially designed for simple but accurate cutting of sheet and plate material and are fitted with an operator friendly Windows based CNC controller.

Subject to initial specification, they can be either equipped with the class leading Hypertherm Powermax 105 power source utilising single gas plasma technology. Hypertherm power upgrades include the MAXPRO200 and the renowned HPR130XD providing XD Truehole technology.

The result is a high quality machine delivering low initial and operating costs, high productivity, superior cut quality and unsurpassed reliability.

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ACP-CNC-Compact-Plasma-Cutting-Machine
Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-ACP-CNC-Compact-Plasma-Cutting-MachineMain view - Morgan-Rushworth-ACP-CNC-Compact-Plasma-Cutting-Machine
Detail of the ACP CNC Compact Plasma Control PanelDetail of the ACP CNC Compact Plasma Control Panel
Front View Detail of the ACP CNC Plasma TorchFront View Detail of the ACP CNC Plasma Torch
Side view of the ACP CNC Compact Plasma TorchSide view of the ACP CNC Compact Plasma Torch
MODEL ACP 1530/105ACP 15 60/105ACP 2040/105ACP 2060/105
Plasma OutputAmps105105105105
Capacity from PierceMild Steelmm20202020
Stainless Steelmm20202020
 Capacity from Edge StartMild Steelmm40404040
Stainless Steelmm32323232
Table Widthmm1600160020752075
Table Lengthmm3100610042856285
X Axis Strokemm1550155020502050
Y Axis Strokemm3050605040506050
 Z Axis Strokemm150150150150
 Table Heightmm800800925925


  • Hypertherm Powermax 105 high definition multi gas plasma source
  • Windows based Hypertherm MicroEDGE Pro CNC controller
  • Hypertherm Nesting Software options
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Torch collision protection system
  • Automatic ventilation and smoke extraction system ready to be connected to a filtration system
  • Positioning speed 30 m/min maximum
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 0.02mm
  • LMT 25 mm high accuracy linear rail
  • High quality Eisele gearbox
  • Mitsubishi servo motor
  • Atlanta rack and pinion system
  • Moveable Control Panel with gantry control joystick


  • NestMaster automatic nesting software
  • TurboNest nesting software and additional productivity modules
  • ProNest nesting software and additional productivity modules
  • Extraction/filtration system
  • Automatic gas console

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