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Bianco Bandsaws

Here at Selmach we will soon be celebrating the milestone of 25 years selling Bianco bandsaws. The 420MS Bianco bandsaw is still the top selling machine out of our whole machinery range – and for good reason!

25 years down the line and the key features of the Bianco saw which made them so reliable back in 1997 are still in use, on the saws today:

  • They are still entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. In an era where out-sourced production has become the norm to reduce production / labour costs, Bianco have insisted on keeping production in house so they can maintain full control of the manufacturing and quality control processes. The result is each saw is expertly made from start to finish by market leading professionals.
  • They still use German Siemens electronics and motors for all of their saws. These motors are largely considered the most reliable available on the market and have a proven track record in the metalworking industry. All of Bianco pivot action saws utilise the motor fitted in a ‘direct-drive’ mounting so it is virtually motor to band-wheel, providing optimum blade traction and reliability. The low voltage electrical system complies with all CE standards.
  • The best saws have the best quality bows and this is true of the Bianco range. All Bianco bandsaw bows are constructed from hardened and tempered die-cast aluminium which maximises bow strength and minimises inaccuracy. The main framework and body of the saw is also heavy duty and safely houses the coolant pump and tank. Bianco have avoided re-designing any of their saws as ‘kit build’ saws, something that many other manufacturers have done for their small workshop saw range. Kit build saws have a flat pack base which can be separated from the upper body of the saw. Bianco’s one-piece solid design on all models maximises the sturdiness and strength of the saw.
  • Bianco use high quality, durable wear parts making them suitable for constant use in the busiest fabrication shop environments. After 25 years of supplying these saws we have good stock of most replacement parts to ensure any downtime, whilst your saw is being repaired, is kept to a minimum.
  • Bianco have a full range of saws available to suit small to medium capacity cutting requirements of all fabricators. All levels of automation are available from manual to semi-automatic through to PLC Automatic and Fully CNC. The range of optional extras which can be fitted to these saws covers all bases – including variable blade speed, dry cutting systems, mechanical and hydraulic bundling systems & adjustable vice pressure, to name a few.

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Published 26th March 2021