Meet the machines: The Meyer Radial Arm Drill

This week our showroom demonstration was all about exceptional heavy duty, robust design and exacting standards, and how superb engineering can produce a relatively simple machine that does exactly what it is supposed to…

We are of course taking about the radial arm drill, and a name that is synonymous with the very best; Meyer.

We supply the Meyer Radial Arm Drill in four sizes, from the MG850 with a drilling capacity of 50mm up to the MG2090 and its solid 90mm drilling capacity and six Morse taper. Our most sought after model is the mid-range MG1675, due in part to the width of the arm and the capacity of the round hole, along with its reliable 4kw motor and drilling speeds of 25-2000rpm.

Typically, engineers use the radial arm drill for drilling large materials as well as occasional milling tasks and while not being too different from a pillar drill, the radial drill operator has the key advantage of being able to bolt the material itself into position and moving the machine arm to drill as needed, as opposed to moving the material or workpiece, which can be problematic for larger materials and lesser pillar drills…

The Meyer range also enjoys a no-nonsense control system, with a simple forward, reverse and arm up, arm down operation, along with a geared head, hydraulic gear change and powered feed as well as hydraulic clamping systems for the larger machines in the range, while the test function ensures you do exactly what you need to at half speed to protect the gears.

Such simplicity, combined with the peerless quality they offer is the reason these machines are so popular, and why they are bought and used with confidence over an impressively long life span by people and companies all over the globe.

While they might be simple machines however, they are also safe; in line with CE requirements the machine comes with all the necessary guards. A lot of people usually take these off to allow for large/awkward work pieces to be placed within the machine – so we fit our own DC injection instant brake which throws the machine into reverse; providing an instant stop if needed. A coolant system also comes as standard along with a low voltage lamp.

With an optional MEGA machine vice with jaw widths of either 250 or 320mm and a large box table, these radial drills remain a popular choice with a wide variety of clients and when you spend time with one, it’s also very easy to see exactly why.

For more information on our range of Meyer Radial Arm Drills or to see one in action for yourself; click, tap or call us on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website.

Published 24th October 2018