Meyer Geared Head Drilling Machine 415v

Main view Meyer Pillar Drill

The Meyer range of powerful geared head drills are an exceptionally heavy duty construction, that has firmly established a reputation for long life and reliability. Through the years the Meyer range has become renowned for the quality and robustness of their design and build. The drills are manufactured with high quality components and assembled with highest standards of accuracy resulting in machines sold worldwide and bought with confidence. The Meyer SR25 Geared Head Drilling Machine 415v will not disappoint.

Main view Meyer Pillar Drill
Main view Meyer Pillar DrillMain view Meyer Pillar Drill
Video thumbnail showing the Meyer Geared Head Drilling Machine 415v
Front view Meyer-SR32-Pillar-Drill
Meyer SR32
Front view Meyer-SR32-Pillar-Drill
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill
Meyer SR32AE
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill-with-tilting-head-detail
Meyer SR32AE
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill-with-tilting-head-detail
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill
Meyer SR32A
Front view Meyer-SR32AE-Pillar-Drill
Front view Meyer-SR50AE-Pillar-Drill
Meyer SR50AE
Front view Meyer-SR50AE-Pillar-Drill
Detail of Meyer-Pillar-Drill-Power-Feed HandleDetail of Meyer-Pillar-Drill-Power-Feed Handle
Column diamm95120120140180
Spindle TaperMT no34444
Speedsrpm125 – 2825125 – 3030125 – 303076 – 206552 – 1400
Spindle Strokemm110160160190240
Work Tablemm350 x 400500 x 420500 x 420520 x 440580 x 460
Base Platemm340 x 340330 x 330320 x 320405 x 420440 x 450


  • Geared head.
  • Exceptional heavy construction.
  • Large work tables.
  • Auto tool release.
  • Eye shield with interlock switch.
  • Low voltage lamp.
  • Rise and fall table.
  • Rise and fall head.
  • Forward and reverse.
  • Variable Drill Speed (SR50VAE only)


  • Drill Press Vice: 18009
  • Universal Cross Table: 18047

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