Morgan Rushworth RGMS Mechanical Guillotine Shear 415v

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-Guillotine

The Morgan Rushworth RGMS range of mechanical guillotines are designed for fast accurate cutting of mild steel up to 5mm. Now available in eleven capacities with either the standard manually operated back gauge or the optional advanced Elgo NC back gauge.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-Guillotine
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-GuillotineMain view Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-Guillotine
Front View Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-2050-Mechanical-Guillotine-Front View Morgan-Rushworth-RGMS-2050-Mechanical-Guillotine-
RGMS 1350/3.0M1039135032°20′353420850750171813701200965
RGMS 1550/3.0M1040155032°20′353420850750195013701200990
RGMS 2050/3.0M1041205032°20′3534208507502420137012001250
RGMS 2550/2.5M104225502.51°30′3534208507502900137012001370
RGMS 3050/2.0M1043305021°30′3534208507503450137012001600
RGMS 1550/4.0M1044155042°25′417.54508507501950230013001500
RGMS 2050/4.0M1045205042°25′417.54508507502560230015002600
RGMS 2550/4.0M1046255042°25′417.54508507503100230015003100
RGMS 3050/4.0M1047305042°25′417.54508507503700230015003550
RGMS 1050/5.0M1048105052°7′347.54508507501950230015001700
RGMS 1550/5.0M1049155052°7′347.54508507501950230015001900


  • Mono Block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection movement and of high tensile strength.
  • Two sided blades manufactured with high-alloyed steel.
  • Blade gap adjustment according to sheet thickness and type for quality cutting -4mm and 5mm models.
  • Automatically activated hold down system avoiding sheet sliding during cutting action.
  • Manual back gauge operated by hand wheel with distance counter.
  • Support table with roller bearings – 4mm and 5mm models.
  • Front support arms with ruler, suitable for long sheet cutting.
  • Foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting.


  • Front support system with ruler up to 3 meters.
  • Pneumatic sheet support and unloading system.
  • 1000mm back gauge.
  • Elgo NC programmable back gauge.

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