Benefits of the Sterling SRA DGSA Bandsaw

Detail of saw blade resting on sacrifical plateDetail of saw blade resting on sacrifical plate
Detail of saw blade resting on sacrifical plate

Well known throughout the industry, the Sterling range is synonymous with quality, reliability and the ability to cut structural beam & box section all day long.

The semi-automatic machines that make up this range bring with them a range of features. Build quality and strength are the obvious benefits of these high capacity machines with their heavy duty bow structure and design.

Importantly though, the Sterling SRA DGSA range eliminates issues found in other, similar capacity machines with similar length bows, wherein speeds can increase during the cutting process, affecting both the life of the blade and the quality of cut.

This is thanks to the twin ram (push and pull) system; the balancing ram on the rear of the machine ensures perfect and accurate cutting consistency all through the cutting cycle.

Another quality that raises the Sterling range above its competitors is the mobile detached control panel which is not fixed on one side as found on other bandsaws, The ergonomic control panel is wheel mounted for easy access at all times and to protect the controls from damage when loading or removing large, heavy materials such as beams.

For mitred cuts you can also bring the panel right in close, allowing the operator to see marker lines and cuts much more easily along with the ability to control all the bandsaw’s functions.

The heavy duty full stroke, hydraulic vice follows the same ethos as the rest of the Sterling bandsaw, making squaring beams easy with the ability to slide from left to right. The range also features a sacrificial plate which can be conveniently replaced, solving the problem of unavoidable wear and tear on the machine’s bed after years of heavy duty throughput.

The double mitring 60° swivel head is another strong feature of the Sterling SRA DGSA Bandsaw. The bow is heavy duty, yet perfectly balanced, making mitring operations simple and precise. The saw also has a hydraulic lock-off switch for locking the bow in its mitring position.

This feature delivers complete rigidity and the assurance that the bow will not move during operation, an issue common in machines featuring manual lock-off. The digital readout is offered as standard on the mobile control panel displaying the mitring position, re-calibration is simple and straightforward if the bow is out of position.

Blade tension is taken care of by the Sterling’s hydraulic tensioning system and is vital for blade life, cut quality and consistency, particularly when working with larger sections and beams where bigger tooth pitches are needed and manufacturing lengths vary considerably in order to align and match the teeth, the hydraulic tensioning system ensures this will never be a problem.

All these features combine to make the Sterling SRA DGSA range a great choice for all medium to large structural fabricators and steel stock holders. For more information on the Sterling range please reach out to one of our specialists here.

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Published 26th February 2020