Morgan Rushworth HST Hydraulic Steelworker 415V

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HST-Steelworker

The Morgan Rushworth HST hydraulic steelworkers supplied with standard tooling including repetition support tables at punch, shear and the notch stations. All five work stations are equipped with easily adjustable hold downs to safely control each operation. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. The HST range are twin operator machines with the hydraulic system activated by two shielded foot controls, one operating the punch and the cylinder, the other operating the shear and cylinder. The system gives accurate power inching to all five work stations and allows the machine to be stopped at any position giving safe accurate tool setting and work positioning. A 1m auto crop ruled length stop and a removable halogen lamp are supplied as standard with all HST machines. Selmach Machinery has two models of steelworkers which range from 60 to 175 tonnes. Our HST machines are twin operated machines providing power and accuracy whilst our HSW provide single food pedal operation and are designed with volume, production and efficiency in mind.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HST-Steelworker
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HST-SteelworkerMain view Morgan-Rushworth-HST-Steelworker
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth HST Hydraulic Steelworker 415V
Close up detail of the Morgan Rushworth HST Steelworker Cropping and shearing stationClose up detail of the Morgan Rushworth HST Steelworker Cropping and shearing station
Close up of the Auto Crop Ruled Length StopClose up of the Auto Crop Ruled Length Stop
Close up of the Notching StationClose up of the Notching Station
Close up of the Punching StationClose up of the Punching Station
Making machinery since 1872Making machinery since 1872
STOCK CODEM9003M9004M9005M9006
Diameter x Maximum Thicknessmm26 x 2033 x 2035 x 2540 x 32
Maximum Diameter x Thicknessmm57 x 1057 x 1257 x 1657 x 22
Stroke Lengthmm55808080
Throat Depthmm305355355625
Largest Hole Diameter – Standardmm38575757
Largest Hole Diameter – Optionalmm160160225225
Flat Bar – Width x Maximum Thicknessmm300 x 20380 x 20380 x 25380 x 30
Flat Bar – Maximum Width x Thicknessmm375 x 15480 x 15600 x 15600 x 20
Angle Flange Trim – max 45°mm100 x 15120 x 15120 x 15120 x 15
90° Cutmm130 x 13150 x 15150 x 18200 x 20
45° Mitre (true int./ext.)mm70 x 1080 x 880 x 1080 x 10
Channel/Beam – (Optional)mm120 x 58160 x 74200 x 100300 x 125
Tee – (Optional)mm90 x 11100 x 11120 x 12150 x 15
Material Thicknessmm10131316
Width – Rectanglemm45526060
Depth – Rectanglemm90100100100
Depth – Veemm60708080
Maximum Outside Diametermm83108108165
Bar Bending – Maximum Capacitiesmm250 x 13250 x 20250 x 22250 x 25
Sheet Bending – Maximum Capacitiesmm500 x 3500 x 3700 x 3700 x 4
Throat Depthmm125125125125
Maximum Capacity – Diameter x Thicknessmm38 x 838 x 1038 x 1238 x 13
Motor PowerkW5.57.51111
based on material strength of 450 N/mm2


Hydraulic steelworkers provide a range of stations with allow for:

  • PUNCH STATIONThe standard punch station enables punching holes with a diameter of up to 38mm. The stroke is fully adjustable.
  • ANGLE STATIONAngle iron can be cut at 90¡ and 45¡ with either internal or external mitres.3
  • SECTION CUTTING STATIONCropping of round and square bar is easily performed with the standard blades. Optional blades and hold downs are available to crop special profiles.5
  • SHEARING STATIONThick and thin material can be sheared without the need for blade gap or cutting-angle adjustments. This station also allows flange cutting of angle profiles.
  • Full stroke adjustment
  • Punch table guides
  • Lower power inching
  • Punch table with multipurpose bolster – removable table block for over hang channel/joist flange punching
  • CE conformity including safety guarding
  • Low maintenance
  • Halogen light on magnetic base
  • 5 punches and dies up to 38mm
  • foot pedal control
  • Overload relief on hydraulic and electrical system
  • Swing away punch stripper unit
  • Easy change punch holder
  • Work station guard
  • Compact


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