HSP CNC Punch Vs Traditional Steelworker

Split screen of the HSP CNC Punch vs the traditional steelworker

The aim of this short video is to demonstrate the time saving benefits of our Morgan Rushworth HSP CNC punch over and against the traditional steelworker. Typically, in the metal structural fabrication industry, one common task is to make end plates and base plates. Obviously on the traditional steelworker the operator would need to manually mark the plates. However, with the Morgan Rushworth HSP CNC Punch once the plate designs and sizes have been uploaded to a controller, you will never have to mark again.

Watch the video to see in real time; the time saving benefits of our HSP CNC punch against the traditional steelworker by demonstrating how fast it takes to do two base plates on the traditional steel worker, against two base plates on the HSP CNC Punch.

At Selmach Machinery, we’re a solution providing company and pride ourselves in finding the best machine to suit your needs. Typically, when we speak to customers, they are often unaware of the advantages—cost saving advantages of investing in a CNC punch. For larger productions by investing in our HSP CNC Punch: you will not only increase production; but also eliminate human error on manual marking

Published 3rd April 2017