How to Adjust the Stroke Limit Switches on a Steelworker

Close up of a hand adjusting the stroke limit switches on a steelworker

In this short video, we demonstrate how to set the stroke switches or limit switches on our Morgan Rushworth Steelworkers. We initially demonstrate on a 70-ton steelworker. The 70 ton and up range have two rams, so they have two lots of switches. The lower switch is to set your stop and the top switch is to set the return stroke. This may be adjusted in time to speed up production so the machine is not working on a four return stroke. The stroke adjustment is on the punch side and the stroke adjustment is on the shearing side.

The stroke adjustment on a 45 and 60-ton machines is in a different position from the 70 ton machine. It’s under the bed. These machines are a one ram machine, so they only have one adjustment for the entire complete machine.

Watch the video to see us demonstrate the low-end adjustment and the return adjustment. It’s very, very important that the adjustment handle bolt is done uptight. If these are loose and the machine is in motion, these could slip and when the cylinder returns, it could go beyond the limit switch point, so in theory the cylinder could bottom out.

We have opened up the front of the steelworker in the video to enable a clear view of the limit switches behind. Here you will find a lower stop and the top stop with the two limit switches behind. The lower blue limit switch for the lower stroke and the top blue limit switch for the return stroke. In a situation where these can slip, the machine will stop, making a very loud noise because the cylinder has bottomed out. In this situation, simply turn the machine off and come back and re-adjust the limit switches to the normal position.

Watch the video to see our experienced technician talks through, step by step how to readjust the hydraulics on a steelworker.

Published 28th June 2016