CNC X-Y Positioning Table 415V

The PEHU XY range of CNC coordinate tables are supplied with a PEHU 212 – 3.3 Nm servo control, which is the ideal positioning system for your punch press, drill, press and spot welder.

The PEHU XY CNC coordinate table has a standard working range of 1500 mm in X and 300 mm in Y direction and is a stand-alone unit that is easy to place on any machine tool.

The PEHU XY 1100/2100 is equipped with ballscrews in combination with linear guides. The drive is provided by two servo motors. The PEHU XY 1100/2100 CNC coordinate table is easy to mount on any punching machine. All 3 options come as standard with the PEHU 212 – 3.3 Nm, a 2-axis servo controller that is very easy to operate. In addition, the servo controller offers the option of program storage for regularly used jobs.

CNC X-Y Positioning Table 415V imageCNC X-Y Positioning Table 415V image
CNC X-Y Positioning Table 415V image 2CNC X-Y Positioning Table 415V image 2
MODEL Sevo Control X Length Y Length Positioning Accuracy Application
mm mm mm
PEHU XY Table 212S 3.3Nm Servo Control 1500 300 +/-0.1 Punch Press, Drill, Press and Spot Welder
PEHU XY 1100 212S 3.3Nm Servo Control 1100 400 +/-0.1 Any punching machine
PEHU XY 2100 212S 3.3Nm Servo Control 2100 400 +/-0.1 Any punching machine


  • Positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
  • Easy to operate for everyone
  • No CNC training required
  • Fits any punch, drill, press and spot welder


  • Extend to any desired length in X and Y direction*
    (XY Table Only)

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