Promotech BM-18 Bevelling Machine

Main view Promotech-BM-16-Bevelling-Machine

BM-18 enables milling straight edges up to 18 mm bevel width, contours, holes from 40 mm in diameter and rounding off steel construction before painting or
coating with radius R2, R3, R4 or R5. New hexagonal fixing of milling heads increases beveller durability and makes replacement of the heads more convenient and user-friendly. Variable spindle speed enables optimizing cutting conditions depending on sort of material grade incl. stainless steel, alloys, aluminum, brass or plastic.

Main view Promotech-BM-16-Bevelling-Machine
Main view Promotech-BM-16-Bevelling-MachineMain view Promotech-BM-16-Bevelling-Machine
Video thumbnail showing the Promotech BM-18 Bevelling Machine
Power  kw 2.2
Spindle speed (without load) rpm 1800-5850
Maximum bevel width mm 18
Maximum bevel angle ° 60
Minimum workpiece thickness mm 2
Minumal diameter of countersinking mm 40
Length mm 585
Width mm 156
Height mm 238
Weight (without milling head) kg 12


  • increases durability more convenient assembly and disassembly of the milling head guiding roller is integrated with each milling head the clearance between milling head and guiding roller is precisely factory calibrated, thus requires no adjustment by the operator
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Maximum 18 mm bevel width (more than one pass could be required)
  • Continuous bevel width adjustment
  • New more durable milling heads with hexagonal fixing for easy replacement
  • Electronic speed control between 1800–5850 rpm for use on a variety of materials
  • Overload protection
  • Bevelling milling head is equipped with 5 pcs of 2-sided indexable cutting inserts
  • Milling head for rounding is equipped with 4 pcs of 4-sided indexable inserts up to R5


  • Milling head 20°
  • Milling head 22.5°
  • Milling head 27.5°
  • Milling head 30°
  • Milling head 37.5°
  • Milling head 40°
  • Milling head 45°
  • Milling head 50°
  • Milling head 55°
  • Milling head 60°
  • Milling head 65°
  • Bevelling insert for steel (5 required)
  • Bevelling insert for aluminium (5 required)
  • Fixing screw for bevelling insert
  • Radius milling head
  • Radius insert R2 (4 required)
  • Radius insert R3 (4 required)
  • Radius insert R4 (4 required)
  • Radius insert R5 (4 required)
  • Fixing screw for radius insert
  • Sticker against scratches, dedicated for aluminum bevelling. If the sticker is removed, clean excess glue from the guide using petroleum ether.

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