Morgan Rushworth HSR-4 Hydraulic Section Ring Rolling Machine

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-Roll

The Morgan Rushworth HSR-4 is a revolution in section bending. This unique new 4 roll machine brings all the benefits of 4 roll plate bending to section bending. The finished product has significantly reduced flat end, compared to 3 roll machines, due to the double pinching process. The optional touch screen NC Control allows for greater repeat-ability and accuracy with the ability to save down configurations.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-Roll
Main view Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-RollMain view Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-Roll
Side view of the Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-Ring-Roller-on-it's-sideSide view of the Morgan-Rushworth-HSR-4-Section-Ring-Roller-on-it's-side
Flat Bar on Edge at 800mm 80 x 20mm
Flat Bar as Flat at 600mm 125 x 25mm
Square Bar at 500mm 45 x 45mm
Round Bar at 500mm 50mm
Round Tube at 1200mm 100 x 2.5mm
Round Pipe at 800mm 88.9 x 5.5mm
Rectangular Hollow Section at 800mm 80 x 25 x 3mm
Square Hollow Section at 1300mm 70 x 70 x 3mm
Angle Iron Toe Out at 800mm 80 x 80 x 8mm
Angle Iron Toe In at 700mm 70 x 70 x 7mm
Tee Section Toe Out at 800mm 80 x 9mm
Tee Section Toe In at 800mm 70 x 8mm
Tee Section Toe Up/Down at 800mm 80 x 9mm
Channel Legs Out at 900mm UPN 120 mm
Channel Legs In at 1000mm UPN 120 mm
Power 5.5 kw
Rolls Diameter 260mm
Shafts Diameter 80mm
Bending Speed 5.2m/min
Length 1700mm
Width 1450mm
Height 1200mm
Weight 2000kg



  • Unique 4 Roll Design
  • Ability to double pinch material ensuring minimal flat on end of bend
  • 2 rolls driven
  • Hydraulic adjustment of lower pinch roll
  • Hydraulic adjustment of two bending rolls
  • Hardened and ground high tensile roll shafts
  • Standard modular rolls suitable to bend a wide range of profiles
  • Induction hardened and ground rolls
  • Smooth rolls ensure minimum material marking
  • Manual lateral guide rolls with adjustment in one axis
  • Steel welded frame
  • Horizontal and vertical working positions
  • Mobile control panel


  • 3 rolls driven
  • Manual lateral guide rolls with adjustment in one axis
  • 4-axis NC control unit; controls position of lower pinch roll, both bending rolls and the feeding of the material. Includes 100 program  memories

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