The Benefits of Heavy Duty Hand Magnets

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Hand Magnets
The Benefits of Heavy Duty Hand Magnets
Image of hand magnets being used to move a steel beam and flat

Anyone who has ever wondered how on earth they are going to move a piece of heavy metal across a busy work area will understand the problem. Or those, who have ever had to wait for a hot work piece to cool before it can be safely re-positioned may also relate to the frustration…

You need to have the correct equipment to lift, move and position the workpieces and materials that you work with, you need a solution that you can trust, a solution that is reliable, convenient and won’t cost the earth.
At Selmach, our range of magnet systems can do all the above, with a range designed for every need.

As with all our products, our range of hand magnet systems conform to British manufacturing quality standards. Our years of providing the very best customer service, combined with our hard earned reputation, experience and industry knowledge all mean we can provide you with trusted and reliable solutions.

The TMH 50 Hand Lifting Magnet weighs only 1.6kg, but has an impressive maximum vertical lifting capacity of 50kg, protecting operators from sharp or hot steel up to 80 degrees. It is an essential tool for anyone looking to move parts safely and efficiently.

The TML 100 Permanent Lifting Magnet weighs just 0.1kg more than the TMH50 but is much more adaptable, with a 360 degree swivelling and rotating lifting hook replacing the handle and a maximum lifting capacity of 50kg for 3mm thickness material, and 100kg for 6mm material (The stated performance adds a safety-factor of 3 for the lifting operation. This means that the tear off force needs to be three times the maximal lifting force.)

The TML 250 Permanent Lifting Magnet boasts even more impressive statistics, with a 360 degree lifting hook, and simple one-lever magnet activation, the TML 250 can handle loads up to 250kg at 10mm material thickness and 90kg for 3mm material (at safety factor 1:3.)

The TML 500 Permanent Lifting Magnet is the true heavyweight of our range. With a lifting force of up to 300kg for materials of 5mm thickness and 490kg at 10mm, as with all our range the safety factor of 1:3 means the tear off force needs to be three times the maximal lifting force, giving the TML 500 an incredible maximum lifting force of 1500kg and unbeatable performance on thin walled materials.

Lifting, moving, positioning, aligning, forming and transporting your sheet and plate metal materials before, during and after production should be a task that is as easy, safe and intuitive as possible. Our range of hand magnets make sure of that. For more information, help, advice or a quote get in touch.

Published 8th June 2018